January 6, 2015


Hello all!

I hope your week started off well. After a few weeks of leisure and ease, getting back into my work routine was rather difficult. Yesterday, being Monday and all, was bleak and lengthy. In the morning while I was getting dressed, I noticed my drab mood was manifesting in my outfit. My solution was to add a pop of merlot. Because wine (& wine colors) make everything better! 
Sweater- Piperlime ::  Denim- Free People  :: Purse- Tory Burch :: Watch- Michael Kors ::
Shoes- Tory Burch (sandal version) :: Necklace- Identical :: Earrings- Similar

Have a super fantastic day! Thank you so much for stopping by! xo
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January 3, 2015

Casual Comfort

Hello friends,

My past few weeks have been full of rest and relaxation and my outfits reflected those characteristics. Comfort was key; I stuck to wearing soft tops, a scarf, my downtown field jacket and some leather moccasins daily. The weather had been fairly mild, so a heavy jacket and warm shoes were not necessary. On the other hand, there was always the chance of rain; this water-resistant field jacket was the perfect solution to unpredictable showers. I seriously recommend adding a waxed jacket to your wardrobe, its more stylish than a rain coat, more casual than a trench coat and highly versatile! I've linked some of my favorites below...

January 1, 2015

Oh hello 2015!

Hello hello...

I must start by wishing y'all a very happy 2015! Hope your NYE was a blast; I had a quiet evening drinking prosecco and shooting fireworks with some friends.

Here are 12 of my favorite outfits from my first year of blogging...
I also wanted to share with you my New Years resolutions, both for my blog and personal life. Posting about it will hopefully make me more accountable...

Blog Resolutions
Improve consistency. I greatly struggle with regular, consistent posting. This past year I have been guilty of going on month long hiatuses and then posting 5 days in a row. My game plan is to stick with a rhythm that works best for me. Hopefully 2 posts a week, and work my way up from there.

Transfer to Wordpress and redesign blog. The thought of transferring from Blogger to Wordpress seems like a daunting task, but Blogger seems so limiting in comparison to Wordpress. I have been reading about the process and just need to dive into, hopefully soon!

Connect with other bloggers. I love reading blog collaborations and seeing interactions in the blogging community, but I'm pretty isolated from it. My goal is to try reaching out to style bloggers and make new blog friends with similar interests. Seriously, send me an email...I'd love to chat!

Enhance Photoshop & photography skills. If you go through my pictures, I'm sure you'll find some pretty horrific photoshop blunders. I just need to invest 30 minutes a day and keep practicing until I'm happy with my design skills. Same with photography, everyone says practice makes perfect!

Personal Resolutions.
Organization. THIS IS MY BIGGEST PROBLEM. Staying organized is my greatest weakness. I've currently been living in chaos, and it causes so many issues in my personal life. This will be the hardest thing for my to accomplish, but I'm ready to make some big changes.

Fitness & Health. I'm actually fairly consistent with getting to my gym, but I struggle with pushing myself. To remedy this I started keeping a fitness journal; my first entry was written a few hours ago:) In regards to health, I have the horrid habit of drinking Starbucks every morning and eating fast food at least 2 times a week. To change this I plan on drinking plenty of water(so hard!) and eating cleanly.

New home. This summer I moved back home with my parents, and although I love the ease of staying at home it's time to find the perfect apartment/house for me. I also want to dabble in some interior designing, so I'm excited to find a place to transform.

Creativity & art. During my undergraduate years, I spent hours working with various art mediums and improving my skills. After graduation there hasn't been time for me to unleash my creativity. I need to find some time to relax and expand on my techniques.

Lastly, thank you all so very much for following along through 2014. I hope your new year started out as lovely as ever. 

Cheers to 2015, thanks again for stopping by! 
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December 4, 2014


Hello hello!

I hope your week has been splendid so far!

What better way to add contrast to a classic black look than to add a hint of navy. My main inspiration for this look was Parisian street style. The French have a way of looking effortless and chic, so I aspired to that. The felt hat refined the outfit and was ultimately Parisian. 

Speaking of Paris, I'm currently reading The Paris Wife and will highly recommend it to anyone that enjoys a love story riddled with desire and deception. 

December 3, 2014

DIY Holiday Wreath

Hey y'all!

Happy Wednesday! 

I see gorgeous Christmas decorations popping up at every other house and wanted to make my home a little more festive. We have a ordinary holiday wreath for our door, but I was getting bored of using the same one every year. This year I decided to make my own and the best part is...my wreath took 30 minutes and cost less than $10 (disclaimer: I used old christmas decor, it may cost 15$ if you're starting from scratch)

December 1, 2014


Hey hey hey!

Happy December 1st! We can officially start counting down the 25 days 'til Christmas.

I hope Thanksgiving was amazing for y'all. My entire week was well spent with my family and friends. I even indulged in a few hours of Black Friday shopping after dinner on Thursday.

One of my greatest friends was in town and she took fall pictures of my sister and I. Here are some featuring my outfit of the day. The lighting was perfection and the location was breathtaking. If any of y'all are in need of stunning pictures in Atlanta, check out Sarvepalli Photography and Media!!

I can guarantee this look will be on repeat during holiday parties this season...