Easy 3 Course Meal with Fresh from Florida Produce

Last weekend I was in a cooking mood and pushed out an easy 3 course meal for 2 in a little over an hour. I had a refrigerator full of Fresh from Florida fruits and veggies, so brainstorming how to cohesively create a quick meal wasn’t hard. The quality of these fresh fruits and vegetables really shines in all of these meals. There is very little preparation when it comes to these farm to table commodities, which makes cooking easier and more fun!

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Winter Pear Chia Bowl

January is coming to an end and I hope you all are reaching your goals for the new year. As far as my goals are concerned, I’m just aiming for a more healthier lifestyle than last year. I can honestly say that January was a rough month in regards to healthy eating. But, we have some stricter guidelines set for February!

I actually spent a few hours on Saturday meal prepping for the entire week. One of my struggles is pre-planning, so this partial meal prep was a step in the right direction. The ever so popular chia bowl is one meal that I’ve enjoyed prepping in advance.

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Spring Wishlist


4 Ways to Stay Hydrated in the Winter

Anyone else suffer from extreme dry skin in the colder months? Everyone stresses that hydrating in the summer months is extremely important, but it’s just as important to stay hydrated in the winter months. I recently started using this Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer With Calming Green Tea Oil after showering and it is really keeping my skin supple and soft. More on that below…

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Road ID: An Essential Fitness Accessory

James and I have always been drawn to being outside and after we got Danni the pup, we try to hit the trails at least once a week. Most of the time, when we are doing outdoor activities, it’s hard to carry around a lot of gear. We typically leave everything in the car before we head out, so the big question is, what if something unexpected happened while we were out and about?

That’s where Road ID comes in to play…

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Half Crown Braid Tutorial With Suave

As the temperatures cool down, my hair tends to react negatively with extra frizz and dryness. Recently, I have been using the Suave Biotin Infusion line to prep my hair for the upcoming winter. With the killer trio of strengthening shampoo, strengthening conditioner and anti-breakage serum working together, my fine hair already feels stronger…

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