7 Workout Items to Keep You Motivated

Whenever I talk to anyone about my workouts and routines, the conversation always comes down to “what keeps me motivated.” I can spew out tons of inspirational quotes and sayings that keep me going, but a few tangible items that help me can also make your workouts easier.

workout motivation

Tank- Nike :: Shorts- Lululemon :: Sports Bra- Lululemon :: Sneakers- Nike :: Hat- Nike :: Sunnies- Similar

    • 1. A Killer Playlist

      The thought of exercising without an upbeat playlist makes me cringe. Nothing ups your energy levels more than a fun beat blasting through your ears. My playlist not only gets me in the workout mood, but also keeps me strong throughout the entire session.

    • 2. Workout Wear that You LOVE

      My exercise wardrobe gives me life. If I could wear my go-to tights and tank all day, I would. Having workout attire that you feel good in helps. Annnnd getting to wear that cute sports bra is motivation in itself, or is that just me? My favorite workout gear:


workout motivation

  • 3. A Fitness Tracker or Log

    Tracking your progress with a fitness tracker or written log keeps you accountable and shows you your progress. Below are some fitness trackers that have good reviews, can you believe that Michael Kors has fashionable fitness trackers?!


workout motivation

  • 4. A Post Grind Recovery Snack

    Having a tasty energy bar to look forward to after working out is crucial! This seriously turned my workouts around, initially I was exhausted and miserable after my session, but now I feel rejuvenated after my snack. It’s such a small thing but makes a huge difference. My go-to snacks are : green smoothie, protein & peanut butter shake, cottage cheese, or a protein bar. Speaking of protein bars, TRY THIS ONE it is AMAZING, I use it as an incentive on the hard days!

workout motivation

  • 5. An Inspirational Phrase (WRITTEN DOWN)

This might seem silly but having an inspirational phrase on hand will help you remember why you’re going through the pain. A fun way to keep a phrase in mind is with a graphic workout tank or water bottle; “just do it” tanks are a great reminder to just do it!

workout motivation

  • 6. A Written Plan

    I cannot tell you how many times I’ve gone to the gym with no plan in mind, it’s actually kinda embarrassing. These unplanned sessions typically leave me discouraged and are honestly a waste of time. Whether you’re following a fitness guide (#bbg is my favorite) or are just focusing on a muscle group, write down  what you want to accomplish before you get started.

workout motivation

Tank- Nike :: Shorts- Lululemon :: Sports Bra- Lululemon :: Sneakers- Nike :: Hat- Nike :: Sunnies- Similar

  • 7. A Buddy!

    Having company on your sessions does two things: it keeps you accountable and it keeps you going. My two favorite workout buddies are James, no one can push me beyond my limits more than he can, and Danni(the pup) who just wants to keep going. Working out with James or running with Danni brings me so much joy, and that is the best way to face exercise.

7 Workout Items to Keep you Motivated

Do you have any workout essentials that help keep you motivated?

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