2019 Aspirations that Anyone Can Achieve

Firstly, HAPPY NEW YEAR to you my loves! We hope 2018 ended on a celebratory note, whether you partied all night in sequins or pajamas (we’re on team pjs, these specifically!) I have a feeling that there are many exciting things in store for you in 2019. It’s pretty hard not to have a year without change, so lets welcome the new year with positivity and happiness. I’ve compiled 19 easy 2019 aspirations to help make this New Year the happiest and healthiest yet!

Taylor Swift sums it up pretty nicely, “This is a new year. A new beginning. And things will change.” 

2019 Aspirations

I personally am over the word resolution! Don’t get me wrong, the new year is a great time to “resolve” to do something new. But the added pressure of sticking to a resolution isn’t the healthiest mental mindset. I’ve taken a different approach to the typical New Year resolutions by making a list of aspirations. This list of 2019 aspirations includes easy lifestyle changes that will lead to a healthier life, but without the pressure of a resolution.

I’m all about making changes that affect your lifestyle long term. So here are 19 easy to make updates to make 2019 your healthiest and happiest year yet.

2019 Aspirations that Anyone Can Achieve

1. Sleep for 7-8 hours each night.

The thing I struggle with most. Getting enough sleep on a daily basis. Our body needs time to recover and recharge, so let’s give it that.

2019 Aspirations
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2. Learn a new skill.

Whether it’s a new language, an art skill, coding, or anything really, expand your horizons and try to learn a new skill. You could even sign up for classes in whatever topic you’re interested in. Skillshare has some great classes!

3. Drink an excess of water.

It’s easy to skip drinking water, but it’s so important to try your best to remember. It’ll improve your physical and mental health! Carry a cute water bottle to make it easier.

4. Get moving, as much as possible.

Sometimes getting to the gym is hard and that is OK! But, try to take walks and get moving throughout the day. Especially for those of us that spend the entire day at a desk! Spend a minute or two power walking every hour you’re working. Or you could get this super fun desk peddler!

2019 Aspirations
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5. Spend 10 minutes decluttering, daily.

Throwing away the clutter and tidying up will lead to a more happier you! It’s much easier to clean up a little daily vs. cleaning on a weekly basis.

6. Meal plan and prep for the week.

The easiest way to a healthy relationship with food. It also saves time and money!

2019 Aspirations
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7. Remember to smile.

As surprising as it is, taking an extra second to smile will uplift your mood greatly. Annnd smiling at a friend or stranger will put them in a greater mood.

8. Drink less alcohol.

We’re guilty of taking any occasion as an excuse to drink too much, and that’s absolutely not necessary. My goal is to avoid alcohol on most weekdays and leave it for weekend indulging.

9. Unplug daily.

Raise your hand if your screen time is over 1 hour *raises both hands.* We live in a world where being on your phone is a constant and being unplugged might leave your feeling out of the loop. But allocating an hour or so to phone free

10. Protect your eyes.

Coming from someone that is unable to function without glasses or contacts, it’s crucial to protect your eyes. An easy thing to do is wear blue light blocking glasses whenever you’re looking at a screen.

11. Stretch.

Although our bodies are amazing and bounce back quickly when we’re young, it’s important to protect our muscles and joints. Stretching daily can reduce stress on your body while improving recovery. It’s especially important to do this when you’re working out!

2019 Aspirations
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12. Take breaks.

Go go go is the mindset of a majority of us, but taking a second to breath and reflect can improve your perspective and mood greatly.

13. Read more.

It could be fiction, non-fiction, listening to audiobooks or even reading educational journals. The days that I end with a book lead to better sleep and a more refreshed morning.

14. Prioritize skincare.

Start with sunscreen and work your way to finding the best beauty products for your skin. The earlier you start the better for your skin and health in general. Check out our beauty posts here for skincare tips.

2019 Aspirations
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15. Create a routine.

Sticking to a routine will help reduce stress and will save time throughout the day. Start small with a workout or skincare routine and add on. Before you know it, your whole life will be organized!

16. Spend time outside.

Fresh air and vitamin C is essential to a happier mindset. It’s hard in the winter, but try to take short walks outside when the weather is good. Or take your laptop outside and work in the great outdoors.

2019 Aspirations
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17. Cut out toxic relationships.

Everyone has those friends and acquaintances that are just mentally draining. If being around someone is leaving you unhappy and troubled, then it might be in your best interest to cut them out completely.

18. Find an accountability partner.

Having supportive friends or family that understand your goals and aspirations are crucial to achieving them. FInd someone to keep you accountable and motivated in your goals. Seriously, what are tribes for!

19. Most importantly, prioritize YOU! Happy 2019 friends!

Ring in the New Year with these wellness faves!

Did you make any resolutions for 2019 or are you sticking to more broader lifestyle goals? Let us know if any of these 2019 aspirations are on your list! 2019 aspirations


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