24 Amazon Kitchen Gadgets to Make Cooking Fun

We’re always looking for shortcuts in the kitchen especially when days are busy and time is limited. Fortunately there are tons of Amazon kitchen gadgets that are total time savers in the kitchen and they’re all under $50. These kitchen pieces are so innovative and truly make cooking and prepping more fun!


24 Amazon Kitchen Gadgets to Make Cooking Fun
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Herb Scissors
Finely mincing herbs and greens is a pain, but these scissors make the process much easier. You can get the perfectly chopped garnishes with little work or mess

Vegetable Chopper
Gone are the days of hand dicing your onions and peppers. This chopper gets it done with just one push! It’s a major time saver in the kitchen and perfect for meal prepping days.

Roll Up Dish Drying Rack
This one’s convenient and ideal for air-drying anything on top of the sink. Since it rolls up, you can just put it away when it’s not in use and it maintains a nice and clean look.

24 Amazon Kitchen Gadgets to Make Cooking Fun
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Onion Holder For Slicing
This one will save fingers! Ever since I grew out my nails, I had a hard time holding onions while slicing, and

Reusable Mesh Produce Bags
Hello eco-friendly babe! These reusable mesh bags are washable, lightweight and excellent for transporting and storing fruits and veggies in the fridge!

Garlic Press
This stainless steel garlic press and mincer is easy to clean and even lets you mince unpeeled cloves of garlic. It’s a huge time saver, especially if you use a lot of garlic in your household.

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24 Amazon Kitchen Gadgets to Make Cooking Fun
via Kaboompics

Clip On Silicone Colander
This stretchable colander will slip onto any pot to make straining and draining safer and cleaner. No more pasta water burns in your future with this Amazon kitchen gadget.

Avocado Keeper Storage
We knot that avocados spoil and brown quickly if not stored properly and this avocado saver will keep it fresh for two days! It hugs the sliced area to avoid browning.

Heat Resistant Meat Chopper, Masher & Smasher
If you make burgers often, this is a great way to mix the meat and ingredients without overworking it or getting your hands dirty! It also makes mashed potatoes.

24 Amazon Kitchen Gadgets to Make Cooking Fun
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Premium Herb Keeper
Your herbs will stay fresh for twice as long in this herb storage system! Its huge and holds water to keep the herbs healthy.

 Mini Waffle Maker Machine
Perfect for hash browns, cinnamon rolls, waffles, paninis and so much more. This mini waffle maker will make breakfast much more fun!

Portable Mini Bag Sealer
Made popular on Tiktok, this bag resealer will keep your chips and snack bags way fresher.

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24 Amazon Kitchen Gadgets to Make Cooking Fun
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Cob Corn Stripper
My husband hates eating corn on the cob since it gets stuck in your teeth, so this is the perfect solution. Quickly get the kernels off the cob with this cool tool.

Automatic Pan Stirrer
How many times have you forgotten to continuously stir something on the stove leading to it burning on the bottom? This auto stirrer completely stops that from happening!

Salad Spinner
Washing and drying lettuce and kale is such a pain, but with this salad spinner you can wash and dry your greens with no effort at all.

24 Amazon Kitchen Gadgets to Make Cooking Fun
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Apple Corer
Gone are the days where you have to eat around the core of your apple. This heavy duty will core it for you. Works well with peppers, pears and all apples.

Simple Drip Tofu Press
If you cooked tofu before you’ve probably learned that you need to remove as much moisture as possible to get a good sear on it. This cool contraption will help drain liquids without making a mess.

Stainless Steel Watermelon Slicer
Everything you could ever need to prep and enjoy your watermelon all summer long.

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24 Amazon Kitchen Gadgets to Make Cooking Fun
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Leafy Herb Stripper
With many greens like kale and chard, you typically don’t want the stem. This little tool makes removing the stem so quick and easy! Works well with leafy greens and herbs too!

Spill Stopper
It’s impossible to keep track of every pot and pan on the stove at all times when you’re cooking. So sometimes things may boil over. This handy tool keeps that from happening!

Bottletop BBQ Baster
This little topper is perfect for applying BBQ straight from the bottle resulting in less mess or cleanup!

24 Amazon Kitchen Gadgets to Make Cooking Fun
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6 Capacity Cooker for Hard Boiled Eggs
The perfect hard boiled eggs without needed a pot of boiling water. If you eat eggs often, this is great for you!

Taco Holder Stands
No One likes when their hard taco falls over and the filling falls out. These colorful taco stands prevent that from happening!

Wavy Crinkle Cutting Tool
Crinkle fries are superior to all others and this tool gives you the perfect crinkle cut on any vegetable.

24 Amazon Kitchen Gadgets to Make Cooking Fun
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Do you have any favorite Amazon kitchen gadgets that are must haves when cooking?


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