Amazon Pre-Fall Clothing Favorites

You’re hot then you’re cold…yep it’s officially that time of year. Fall transition time, where it’s 45 degrees in the morning, then 85 in the afternoon and you can’t decide if it’s sweater weather or tank weather. We know, it’s a struggle, but that’s what we’re here for. We found the best Amazon pre-fall clothing favorites that are perfect for the summer and the fall!

Amazon Pre-Fall Clothing Favorites

Amazon Pre-Fall Clothing

Amazon Pre-Fall Clothing Favorites

Amazon Pre-Fall Dresses

Amazon Pre-Fall Clothing Favorites

So what should you look for when you’re shopping for fall in the summer?

It comes down to textures, prints, and colors. In the fall, we reach for jeweled tones and deeper colors. Think mustard yellow, olive green, burnt orange, wine burgundy, you get the picture. For textures, we like breathable knit sweater-like fabrics paired with shorter hems. A great way to avoid overheating is to find fall prints in summer fabrics.

Leopard and other animal prints are SUPER popular right now and we predict them staying popular for a while, so finding leopard pieces in summer fabrics is a good way to ease into fall, like this lightweight leopard kimono. They make great layering pieces too.

Amazon Pre-Fall Clothing Favorites

Amazon Lightweight Cardigans

Amazon Pre-Fall Clothing Favorites
via Brighton the Day

Layering is your new best friend.

I know, it sounds pretty self-explanatory to layer in confusing weather, but try to be super intentional with the layers. Our go-to layering outfit is a lace bralette with a simple sleeveless tank or cami on top and a cardigan or button down for added warmth. This works with a sweater, light jacket, raincoat and more!

For work attire, try a short sleeve mock neck tee as a base layer with a fitted cardigan or blazer on top. A lace cami with a blazer on top is another easy office-friendly combo.

Amazon Pre-Fall Clothing Favorites
via Southern Curls and Pearls

Amazon Fall Friendly Skirts

Amazon Pre-Fall Clothing Favorites
via Dress Up Buttercup

Pair a short hem with tall boots.

Mini skirts and mini dresses look great with tall boots, and this is a nice way to stay cool while still embracing fall trends. Even a shorter closed-toe bootie can bring total fall vibes to an outfit.

Amazon Pre-Fall Clothing Favorites
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Trendy Fall Hats on Amazon

Amazon Pre-Fall Clothing Favorites
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Accessorize for the fall.

Another very popular trend this season that is not going away is the felt hat. These structured hats in fall textures and colors are an easy way to transition any look into fall. Even a simple shorts and tee combo can be made autumn-themed with a cardigan and felt hat.

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Amazon Pre-Fall Clothing Favorites

What are your favorite Amazon Pre-Fall clothing items?


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