19 Blue Majik Recipes for Burst of Color

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You’re scrolling through Instagram and just happen to come across a beautifully vibrant blue smoothie bowl and you wonder how the hell is it so pretty and blue! Seriously, blueberry smoothie bowls typically look a murky purple color and no other fruit is anywhere close to bright blue. The trick to these brilliant bowls and smoothies is blue majik powder. Blue Majik recipes use this magical powder to add extra health benefits to a typical blended concoction.

We know what you’re thinking, what on earth is blue majik?! Essentially it is a nutritional supplement that is extracted from spirulina, which is green algae.  It’s high in antioxidants, immune boosting and is also very nutrient dense. So, since it’s algae, it kinda has a fishy, ocean-y taste to it, which isn’t the most appealing. But, these blue majik recipes transform and mask the otherwise fishy flavor pretty well. This article from Bonappetit is pretty informative on how to use blue majik, and it’s great seeing the writers first-hand experience with the powder!    

Blue Majik Recipes

Mermaid Colada via Craft and Cocktail

Blue Majik recipes

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Majik Mermaid Bites via Vibrant and Pure

Blue Majik recipes

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Blue Spirulina Bounty Bars – The perfect snack via Vanilla Crunnch

Blue Majik recipes

Blue Majik Nice Cream Recipe via Breakfast Criminals

Blue Majik recipes

Tahitian Lemonade (with Blue Majik) via Sweet Lizzy

Blue Majik recipes

Blue Lagoon Smoothie  via Broma Bakery

Blue Majik Doughnuts via Green House Juice

Blue Majik Lychee Boba Cooler via Goop

Blue Majik recipes

Boo Berry Superfood Smoothie via Veggies by Candlelight

Blue Spirulina Smoothie via The Feed Feed

Blue Mermaid Smoothie Bowl via Greens of the Stone Age

Blue Majik recipes

Blue Coconut Ice Cream via To Die For

Blue Majik recipes

Blue Majik Bites via Holistic Cole

Blue Majik recipes

Blue Mylk via Laura Peill

Blue Majik recipes

Blue Nice Cream via Healthy Luxe

Blue Majik recipes

Blue Majik Cheesecake via Greens of the Stone Age

Blue Majik recipes

Blue Bird Cake via Plant Based Baker

Blue Majik recipes

Blue Majik Cold Brew Latte via Chameleon Cold Brew

Blue Majik recipes

Blue Majik Woman via Goop

Blue Majik recipes

Would you every try one of these blue majik recipes?!

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