10 Pretty Latte Recipes That Will Brighten Any Day

Some weeks start off on a productive and energetic note, others not so much. For those dreary days that feel like a week, a fun remedy is a pretty latte to give you an energy kick while brightening the day. I know, I know, who has time to whip up a fancy latte on a busy busy day? Let me tell you, sometimes the little details make a huge difference and these pretty latte recipes are worth every second.  

18 Egg Breakfast Recipes for A Great Morning

Raise your hand if you're not a morning person (RAISES BOTH HANDS!!) I, the grumpiest person in the morning, am always looking for ways to make the start of my day easier and more fun. Having something to look forward to makes getting up and moving soooo much better. Breakfast is usually the mood changing factor for me, so I'm rounding up 18 egg breakfast recipes that will give your day a jump start. These variations of avocado toast, egg scrambles and stuffed pastries will wake any sleepy head up!

Winter Pear Chia Bowl

January is coming to an end and I hope you all are reaching your goals for the new year. As far as my goals are concerned, I'm just aiming for a more healthier lifestyle than last year. I can honestly say that January was a rough month in regards to healthy eating. But, we have some stricter guidelines set for February! I actually spent a few hours on Saturday meal prepping for the entire week. One of my struggles is pre-planning, so this partial meal prep was a step in the right direction. The ever so popular chia bowl is one meal that I've enjoyed prepping in advance.


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