Meal Prep


5 Ingredient Recipes that are Healthy

If you're new to cooking, or want easy, simple, quick meals, these 5 ingredient recipes are perfect! The come without all of the fluff and are super easy to follow. Don't ever think that lack of ingredients does not mean lack of flavor. Also, these 5 Ingredient recipes are all on the healthy side. Most are under 400 calories! 

Why I Keep My Freezer Stocked Up During the Holidays

Thanksgiving is less than a week away and Christmas and New Years are just around the corner, so I definitely feel the pressure. The holidays, as fun as they are, also create a massive amount of work. Planning family time, creating holiday blog content, and maintaining work can get pretty tiresome. One pro tip I have is keeping your freezer stocked up. Mine is full of Tai Pei frozen fried rice. 

5 Minute Lunch Hack with Tai Pei

More recently I've been putting extra time into creating and curating blog content. With a completely different full time job on the side, managing my time has been a crucial aspect to being efficient throughout the day. I try to save time in every way possible without cutting corners. Streamlined meal times have helped a ton with this. Last month, I came up with 3 quick lunch break tips for a more productive day and now I'm taking it to a completely different level. Using Tai Pei Frozen Fried Rice, I created a 5 minute lunch hack that results in a colorful and tasty lunch-time.


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