14 Quinoa Recipes that are Protein Packed

Quick and healthy: two qualities to look for when planning meals. That's why quinoa is a go-to and has been for years. I'm sure you've heard of the many health benefits that quinoa has. It's high in antioxidants, protein, and fiber. Quinoa's best characteristic, it only takes 15 minutes to cook. Like I said, quick and healthy. Common uses of quinoa include salads, buddha bowls, and stuffed preparations. I even found interesting sweet preparations that I'm excited to test out!

10 Valentine’s Day Cocktail Recipes

Whether you're celebrating Valentine's Day or Galentine's Day, it's nice to have a bright pink treat to celebrate the occasion. The common theme here is strawberries, raspberries, champagne and ice cream. Check out these vibrant Valentines Day Cocktail recipes that are sure to fill your V-day celebration with lots of love.  

Turmeric Recipes for an Immune Boost

For years my mom ingrained in my mind that turmeric is one of the healthiest foods out there. The brightly colored root is a strong antioxidant, helps fight inflammation and has many other added benefits. Being commonly used in Indian cuisine, it was easily incorporated into my daily routine. Here are some turmeric recipes that put the root to good use.

10 Pretty Latte Recipes That Will Brighten Any Day

Some weeks start off on a productive and energetic note, others not so much. For those dreary days that feel like a week, a fun remedy is a pretty latte to give you an energy kick while brightening the day. I know, I know, who has time to whip up a fancy latte on a busy busy day? Let me tell you, sometimes the little details make a huge difference and these pretty latte recipes are worth every second.  

18 Egg Breakfast Recipes for A Great Morning

Raise your hand if you're not a morning person (RAISES BOTH HANDS!!) I, the grumpiest person in the morning, am always looking for ways to make the start of my day easier and more fun. Having something to look forward to makes getting up and moving soooo much better. Breakfast is usually the mood changing factor for me, so I'm rounding up 18 egg breakfast recipes that will give your day a jump start. These variations of avocado toast, egg scrambles and stuffed pastries will wake any sleepy head up!

5 Ingredient Recipes that are Healthy

If you're new to cooking, or want easy, simple, quick meals, these 5 ingredient recipes are perfect! The come without all of the fluff and are super easy to follow. Don't ever think that lack of ingredients does not mean lack of flavor. Also, these 5 Ingredient recipes are all on the healthy side. Most are under 400 calories! 

17 Holiday Tarts that are Party Perfect

Holiday Tarts, sweet, crusty, and a beautiful dessert centerpiece. Since tarts are open on the top, they're essentially like a cake and pie combined. Fun and pretty, right? Sweet holiday tarts can be filled with fruit, custard, chocolate or even made savory! If you're in charge of bringing a dessert to your next event, try out one of these Holiday Tart options.


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