14 Thanksgiving Pie Recipes for Your Feast

Countdown to Thanksgiving and then Christmas has officially begun. One of my favorite parts of the meal is the dessert portion. I'm a HUGE fan of pies. Apple pie, cherry pie, pumpkin pie, I love them all. So this year, I'm in charge of making our holiday pie. I'm going to stick with pumpkin and pecan flavors. These recipes look and sound amazing; I'm going to have a hard time picking which one to try. Maybe I'll combine a few components. Wish me luck!

19 Cranberry Recipes that aren’t Cranberry Sauce 

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, I’m sure you’re scrambling trying to find ideas to take to your holiday potluck. Sticking to fall and holiday flavor profiles is a must, so I've been searching for all of the festive recipes. One of my favorite holiday flavors is cranberry everything. Cranberry sauce is the classic way to enjoy it on Thanksgiving, but there are so many other options! These recipes are out of the box preparations of the tart berry and they include savory, dessert, brunch and cocktail options that all look and sound delicious.

20 Pink Cocktails for Your Next Girls Night

Last Saturday was National Rosé Day and National Gin Day, so its safe to say that I had one too many drinks. Gin and tonic's are easily my favorite mixed drink, the simplicity of it gets me every time; and a glass of rosé holds a close second place in my heart. With it being Rosé day, I became a little obsessed with pink cocktails. So I scoured through Pinterest and compiled a list of 20 pink cocktails that look and sound amazing.


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