Coffee Table Books for a Stylish Home

A small decor object that can create a considerable impact: coffee table books. I always through books were only for reading, learning, and entertainment, but boy was I wrong. They are art pieces in many ways!


Top 20 Amazon Purchases of 2018 (All Under $50)

I honestly can’t even remember a time without Amazon Prime. We use it almost on a daily basis and get packages every other day. From home items, to clothing, to even food…it’s a staple in our lives. I was going through my 2018 Prime history and thought it would be…

Gifts for the One with Holiday Cheer | Gift Guide

Holiday happiness is plentiful this time of year and we just want to bottle it up and revel in it all year round. We love gifting seasonally appropriate items to our loved ones, and this gift guide includes gifts for the one with holiday cheer.  Some trendy and some classic…

Modern Holiday Fireplace Decor Ideas and Inspiration

Deck the halls with boughs of holly. If you’re one of those that decorate weeks before Thanksgiving, kindly see yourself to another post, haha. If you still have holiday decorating to do then this post is for you. One of my favorite things to decorate during Christmas is the mantle, it’s…

Target Fall Home Favorites Under $25

One of the best things about a new season is re-decorating your home to reflect the weather changes. With fall, we pull out all of the chunky knits and fleece textures. We also love all things pumpkin-y and warm. Our favorite place to find all the things is Target of…

Fall Front Porch Styling Tips

The season of pumpkins and mums is here! That means it’s time to style your front porch for the fall. The typical fall porch decor combines beautiful pumpkins and gourds with mums and other fall pieces. You could change things up with creative pots and vases, or even candle holders…

Brown Leather Couch | Living Room Inspiration

A leather sofa instantly has a cozy, comforting feel to it. It helps that with time and use, a leather sofa will grow with character and get comfier. Although a brown leather couch may seem somewhat masculine at first, it’s easy to use it and transform a room into a feminine,…

Parisian Decorating Tips from a Wannabe French Girl

Classic and feminine. Two words that fully describe the typical Parisian aesthetic. We don’t know what it is about the luxurious attention to detail that makes us crave French details in our home. I guess classic and feminine are two words that also describe my personal style. So, when we’re redecorating our apartment, our goal is to will draw design elements from these images so I can pretend to be the chic Parisian that I always dream to be. When looking at French homes and apartments, certain accents stick out and are consistent, so I’m rounding up a few Parisian decorating tips so we can all pretend to have that je ne sais quoi.

6 Bookshelf Styles that are Great for Trinkets

One of my goals for this year is to cut down on clutter and to find a place for all of my stuff. Essentially, if it can’t be organically styled into our home, we don’t need it. I know that sounds extreme, and I’m not following that rule entirely, but it’s just something to think about when purchasing new stuff. Since we’re moving in a few months, I’m excited to downsize and get rid of non-essentials. I’m also excited to display the fun things we’ve accumulated over time and the best way to do that is with a bookshelf. After seeing many bookshelf styles online, I rounded up a few different options that would display trinkets well. 

Target Project 62 Favorites That Are On Sale

SALE ALERT! I found myself browsing through Target’s furniture and home decor section online and noticed that a ton of Target’s Project 62 line is on sale. The Project 62 products follow the mid-century modern theme with a little bit of glam added in. The best part is, the whole line is very affordable.