Favorite Free Workouts on Youtube

Adding a gym session to the mile-long to-do list of the day doesn’t sound fun! On those busy busy days, we all need workout options that require minimal thought and equipment. My go-to’s are free workouts on Youtube. They’re short, sweet and free; what’s not to love!

These workout videos range from 10-30 minutes long, and most can be done at home with no equipment necessary. I did include some gym heavy options as well. If you’re starting out with weight training, these are for you!

Workout Favorites Under $25

favorite free workouts on youtube

Favorite Free Workouts on Youtube!


Certified fitness instructor Cassey Ho created the #1 female fitness channel on Youtube to help women transform their bodies with 28-minute workouts that require no equipment. She has every video you could ever need to create a perfect at home workout routine.

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Popsugar Fitness

These videos are perfect if you like the classroom workout setting! They’re around 30 minutes, and are so fun!! Probably my favorite on a lazy day when I don’t feel like working out. The energy of the instructors is contagious!

Whitney Simmons

Along with quick fat blasting workout routines and circuits, Whitney Simmons also has tons of videos that dive deep into nutrition, beauty and style. I love how she strives to live a well balanced lifestyle!

Fitness Blender

These are no nonsense workouts that are easy to follow and provide a great burn! They even have longer workout videos for free on their website!!

Lucy Wyndham-Read 

Lots of low intensity options for beginners, people with injuries and bad joints! She also has lots of challenges for extra motivation.


Megsquats is a little different. She’s a Powerlifter and Powerlifting coach; #goals am I right? Her videos teach lifting techniques and are great if you’re interested in weight lifting.

If you’re on the hunt for cute workout clothes, check out Amazon! So many inexpensive options!!

Do you have any go to free workouts on Youtube? Let us know what they are!


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