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Parisian Decorating Tips from a Wannabe French Girl

Classic and feminine. Two words that fully describe the typical Parisian aesthetic. We don’t know what it is about the luxurious attention to detail that makes us crave French details in our home. I guess classic and feminine are two words that also describe my personal style. So, when we’re redecorating our apartment, our goal is to will draw design elements from these images so I can pretend to be the chic Parisian that I always dream to be. When looking at French homes and apartments, certain accents stick out and are consistent, so I’m rounding up a few Parisian decorating tips so we can all pretend to have that je ne sais quoi.

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Parisian Decorating TIps

parisian decorating tips
Planete Deco

Start with a White Canvas

Parisian architecture has so much detail, even the bright white walls stand out and look beautiful. Elevate the white wall with crisp neutral furniture and accents, then add slight color to cohesively combine everything.

french inspired white furniture

parisian decorating tips
Style Me Pretty

Add Accents of Gold Throughout

Combining minimalistic whites and blacks with lavish gold accents will create a chic but effortless result. Just a small touch of sparkle will draw the eye and will leave a lasting effect.

french Inspired gold accent pieces

parisian decorating tips
Damsel in Dior

Intentionally crazed

Having the perfectly styled, perfectly decorated and perfectly clean space can sometimes have a negative effect. The French have perfected the intentionally lived in look with personal tidbits and history strategically placed throughout. Strive to add bits of yourself to the mix in an intentionally crazed way.

beautiful mirror centerpieces

parisian decorating tips
Sarah Baynes

Sparkle and Fluff can go a Long Way

Plush furniture and sparkling chandeliers are the perfect conversation pieces that help tie a room together. French decor strives to accomplish a comfortable and homey feel, while still being refined, and overstuffed couches and settees help with this.

eye-catching chandeliers for optimal light and decor 

parisian decorating tips
The Simply Luxurious Life

Add Luxury to the Bathroom

When your bathroom is a luxurious place to relax and rewind, you know you’ve hit a high point in life. All it takes is a few accent pieces to make your bathroom the French oasis that you so deserve!

luxurious bathroom accent pieces

parisian decorating tips
Collage Vintage 

Create an Outdoor Oasis

french inspired outdoor furniture 

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Which Parisian decorating tips are your favorite?