15 Top Spring Nail Colors for 2021

Spring is a colorful season, from vibrant blooming flowers and lush greenery reemerging after the winter, and there’s no reason you can’t incorporate some of those bright hues into your personal style. One of the easiest ways to do this is by painting your nails, and whether you’re painting them a solid color or experimenting with some creative designs, these are the perfect shades for you to try! We rounded up 15 of the top spring nail colors for 2021 to play with, share your pictures with us on Instagram (@anunblurredlady) if you try them out!

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Powder Blue Spring Nails

Powder blue is a more understated version of a blue shade and is a great color if you want to incorporate some cooler tones but still keep your nails somewhat neutral. The color evokes images of bright, clear skies, and warm and pleasant weather.

Pale Yellow Spring Nail Colors for 2021

Yellow is a perfect color for spring, and a pale variant is your best bet if you still want to keep your nails somewhat subtle. This subdued yet stand-out color adds some zest to your nails and can be worn in the office or on the beach. Yellow can also lift your mood so seeing it every day on your nails can help out a smile on your face!

White Spring Nails

Solid white nail polish is often overlooked but is a great neutral option. It goes with anything you might wear and has a classic yet bold feel. It’s a surprisingly rare color for manicures but can really elevate your look and give your look more of an edge. It also has a breezy and coastal vibe to it which makes it a great option for later spring as it transitions into summer.

15 Top Spring Nail Colors for 2021
15 Top Spring Nail Colors for 2021

Peachy Pink Nail Ideas

Another classic hue, peachy pink is a great shade for any skin tone. It balances hints of coral, pink, peach, and red without being overwhelming. Peachy pink is a wonderfully warm and inviting shade that is great for when you want something neutral but with a little something extra.

Lavender Spring Nail Colors for 2021

Lavender is a fresh and feminine shade and the perfect pop of color for spring. You can layer it with a glittery topcoat for a fun and youthful pop of color, or simply pair it with a glossy top coat for a more classic look. The hue is bold yet elegant and although it will be a stylish shade for the spring, it’s going to be a sought-after shade for years to come. 

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Pastel Green Nail Colors

Greens haven’t always been seen as ideal shades for manicures but recently it’s been having a moment. Pastel greens and even sage green tones look beautiful and have a fresh and unique appearance. If you’re not sure about green nails, pastel can be a great understated option that is surprisingly flattering for most skin tones and nail shapes.

Bubble Gum Pink Spring Nails

Bubblegum pink nails have been popping in high fashion shows like Fendi’s most recent one, and a manicure in this hue can be an easy and cost-effective way to bring a trend from the runway to you. Bubblegum pink is a fun pop of color for your next springtime manicure.

Deep Red Nail Ideas

You’ll typically find deep reds on lists of nail polish shades for fall or winter, but there’s no reason not to try deep reds in the spring as well. Deep burgundies and ruby reds are flattering tones that can work well with every skin tone. These deep red hues also have a sultry and glamorous feel which is stylish no matter the season!

15 Top Spring Nail Colors for 2021

Neutral Brown Spring Nail Colors for 2021

Shades of brown nail polish are poised to be the most popular neutral shade of Spring 2021. They can easily be worn alone for a clean and classic look, but you can experiment with various patterns. Try a french manicure with brown instead of white or simply paint abstract shapes surrounded by negative space. 

Blue Green

Blues and greens are both colors some may be hesitant to try, but they’re incredible spring colors. Both are bright and earthy tones that feel fresh and stylish, which make them perfect for spring. Whether you combine the colors and go for a pure turquoise shade, or create an ombre pattern with them, blue and green are wonderfully bright shades that can add some fun to your look.

Beige Nail Colors for the Spring

Beige is a perfect neutral shade for every skin tone that can be dressed up and down. Try pairing a beige shade with either a matte or glossy topcoat, or experiment with alternating beige tones on each finger or ombre patterns on individual nails. Beige can also provide a clean and natural look which is a universally flattering look.

Mauve Spring Nail Colors for 2021

Mauve is a pale shade of purple with mildly grey undertones that has been increasingly popular in all types of fashion in 2021. It’s a great color for the transition from winter to spring as well. It’s warmer than other beiges or browns and more subtle than peachy or bubblegum pinks which makes it a great option if you can’t decide what color to pick. That’s not to say that mauve is just a compromise – it’s a beautiful and elegant color that will look good with a glossy or matte finish.

15 Top Spring Nail Colors for 2021

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Iridescent Sparkle

If you’re looking to add a little glitter to your life, try an iridescent sparkle polish! If you’re not familiar, iridescent means that the colors appear to change depending on what angle you’re viewing it from or even how much light you’re getting. Iridescent sparkle nails are a fun option that can be dressed up or down. 

Mustard Yellow

Mustard yellow is a great balance between gold and yellow, and you can even find shades of mustard yellow that have hints of orange in them. This hue can be bright and fun, which pairs perfectly with the longer days and increasing amounts of sunshine!

Mustard Yellow Spring Nail Colors for 2021

Greyige Spring Nail Colors for 2021

Greyige is the color for you if you can’t decide if you’d rather wear a warm neutral or a cool neutral shade. This shade is a combination of grey and beige hues and is a perfectly balanced neutral color that adds some elegance to your look. 

15 Top Spring Nail Colors for 2021

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