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Grey Off Shoulder Sweater

Deja vu? Yes this sweater looks so similar to my previous ribbed fold over camel dress. But can you blame me? The style is so flattering, easy to wear and cozy. And no, I am not ashamed of wearing the same thing everyday. If you look at my closet, I have 4 of the same tee shirts (this one) that I rotate through until they’re worn to threads.

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Camel Off Shoulder Dress

Anyone else tired of off shoulder everything? I for sure am not! There’s just something about the tastefully exposed neckline that makes me feel so glam. And for that reason I love this dress! The fitted fold over style is very figure flattering and adds a flirty accent. Since it’s camel colored, pairing it with black was a no brainier. Camel and black will always be a classic color combination with great contrast.

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Winter Pear Chia Bowl

January is coming to an end and I hope you all are reaching your goals for the new year. As far as my goals are concerned, I’m just aiming for a more healthier lifestyle than last year. I can honestly say that January was a rough month in regards to healthy eating. But, we have some stricter guidelines set for February!

I actually spent a few hours on Saturday meal prepping for the entire week. One of my struggles is pre-planning, so this partial meal prep was a step in the right direction. The ever so popular chia bowl is one meal that I’ve enjoyed prepping in advance.

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Simple Orange Sweater

It’s looking more and more like spring outside, so I wanted to pull out the last of my favorite fall and winter pieces before transitioning into full on white and bright spring mode. Yes I’m guilty of sticking to certain colors and textures in the fall and different ones in the spring. But, I also enjoy taking something characteristically “fall,” such as this burnt orange sweater, and making it more seasonally appropriate.

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