Top 20 Amazon Purchases of 2018 (All Under $50)

I honestly can’t even remember a time without Amazon Prime. We use it almost on a daily basis and get packages every other day. From home items, to clothing, to even food…it’s a staple in our lives. I was going through my 2018 Prime history and thought it would be fun to round up my top 20 Amazon purchases of 2018. The best part, all of these items are under $50. That’s the beauty of Prime, great products at great prices.

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20 Amazon purchases of 2018


Top 20 Amazon Purchases of 2018

Top 20 Amazon Purchases of 2018 (All Under $50)

Over the Knee Boots that Don’t Fall Down ($49)

With over the knee boots being ever so popular, finding the right option for the right price is hard! The best pair I own, although pricey are Stuart Weitzman, but these definitely come second. After trying dozens of pairs, this one actually stays up on my thighs and is pretty comfortable. They’re a dupe for the Goodnight Macaroon OTK boots but for a fraction of the price!

Gold Makeup and Brush Holder ($22)

My makeup station was always a huge mess until I got this organizer. Thanks to the gold hardware and glass, it makes everything look tidy, neat and pretty at the same time.

Top 20 Amazon Purchases of 2018
via The Miller Affect

Open Back Workout Tank ($14)

Price wise, it doesn’t get better than $14. But even performance wise, this tank holds up well. I have it in pretty much every color and love getting cute sports bras to pair with it.

Top 20 Amazon Purchases of 2018

Olly Multivitamins for Women with Biotin + Folic Acid  ($11)

Having a multivitamin to supplement your nutrients with is important and these are my favorite! Not only do they taste delicious, but they have those extra nutrients that most multivitamins don’t typically have, like biotin!

Image Skincare Moisturizer and SPF 32+ ($40)

My sister first bought this from the spa that we get out facials at! My mom and I both quickly converted over and it seriously is the best SPF/moisturizer combo. It’s especially great for sensitive skin!

Silk Pillowcase, Hypoallergenic ($26)

When I first heard about silk pillowcases being good for your skin and hair, I was skeptical. But after trying it out, I can see the appeal. My hair is visibly less frizzy and feels smoother in the morning!

Top 20 Amazon Purchases of 2018
via Delish

Eyelash Lace Bralette ($20)

I was so in love with the Free People bralette, but couldn’t justify spending $40 on it. When I saw this padded lace version, I fell in love. It looks great peeking out from those oversized tees and sweaters.

Top 20 Amazon Purchases of 2018
via Who What Wear

Blue Light Blocking Glasses ($20)

In my New Year Aspirations Post,  I mentioned prioritizing eye care on my list. Since many of us spend a large amount of time in front of a screen, these glasses are a huge help.

Acrylic Wall Calendar ($36)

This calendar is beautiful and so trendy! (Just a heads up, I noticed a few reviews mentioned the package missing some items; mine had all the pieces, I ordered it over the summer, so I recommend looking at the more recent reviews carefully.)

Top 20 Amazon Purchases of 2018via A Beautiful Mess

Vital Protein Collagen Peptides ($43)

Not gonna lie, I stopped taking this for a few months and noticed a visibly negative effect on my skin. So this stuff is a skin saver and is supposed to be great for your joints and bone health.

Daily Rituals Tank Tops, Tees, and Sleeveless Tops ($11-$25)

I rotate between these all year. The fabric is great and there are tons of color options. They also hold up well after a few washes and are great basics. Definitely a closet staple.

Top 20 Amazon Purchases of 2018
via An Unblurred Lady

Jade Rolling Kit ($26)

Jade rolling is such a popular trend, and it feels great on your skin. This kit is inexpensive but still feels luxurious. I love jade rolling my serums in before bed, it helps with inflammation makes my skin look better in the morning.

Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum ($11)

Great product that helps keep skin moisturized. I add this to my moisturizer daily. Its also supposed to be great for all skin types, so definitely worth trying.

TYLER Glamour Wash, Diva Scent ($28)

The best smelling laundry detergent ever. There’s no need for perfume when you use this, it really is amazing. I use normal lightly scented laundry detergent and add a tiny bit of this stuff to the batch. A little goes a long way for sure!

Handheld Electric Milk Frother ($10)

Amazing for homemade lattes. If you like frothed milk with your coffee, then this is a simple handheld tool that is very effective! It’s also great for whipping up egg whites for cocktails.

Top 20 Amazon Purchases of 2018
via The Kitchn

Rose Gold Popsocket ($15)

Raise your hand if you’re forever dropping your phone! *raises hand* This really helps with securing and gripping your phone and it doubles as a nice stand. There are so many different Popsocket styles but I think this one is the prettiest.

Top 20 Amazon Purchases of 2018via Living My Best Style

Sea Kelp Bioferment ($19)

Who wants the La Mer experience without the price tag?! I personally use La Mer a few times a week in my skincare, but the price makes it hard to use frequently. This is supposedly similar to the coveted sea kelp in La Mer. I like adding this to my night time moisturizer and really enjoy the tightening affect it has. Does it work as well, I don’t know…but it’s worth trying out to see if it makes a difference.

Leather Apple Watch Band ($12)

As much as I love my Apple iWatch, I dislike the sports band that comes with it. This is a great, inexpensive accessory to quickly glam up the watch so it doesn’t look as sporty.

Top 20 Amazon Purchases of 2018via For All Things Lovely

L’oreal Lash Paradise Waterproof Mascara ($8)

Best mascara ever. That’s all I have to say.

Posture Corrector For Women ($19)

As someone that sits improverly and is developing back issues, this is a life saver! If you’re looking for a way to improve your posture, this is a great tool.

What are your favorite Amazon purchases? Let me know if you’ve used any of these top 20 Amazon purchases of 2018!!


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