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About An Unblurred Lady

Hi friend, welcome welcome!

I’m Nidhi, the founder and editor of An Unblurred Lady and I’m so glad you’re here!!

My Vision for this website

If you need to know one thing about me, I’m all over the place. Some may call it a jack of all trades, I like to call it a hot mess. And that’s okay. I’m not perfect, and neither are you. But, in my dysfunctional life, I’ve made it my mission to “unblur” the little things, to “unblur” the simple joys.

Unblurred what?! you may ask

Well, just about everything. Here you’ll find a clear guide to meal prep for the week, the unmistakably best nail colors for the spring, a straightforward way to create a wardrobe from Amazon, a transparent guide of the best acne products and so much more.

Our Purpose

There once was a time where I stuck to comfort zones and stayed within the box. I lived playing the comparison game and was left feeling uninspired and insufficient. I realized that there were so many others feeling the same way and I decided it was time to make a change.

Join me in shattering glass ceilings, crushing comfort zones and learning to unblur the best version of ourselves!

We’ve been at this for 6 years (since 2014!!) so grab a cocktail, get comfy and stay a while. It means the world to me that you’re in my little corner of the interwebs and I’m sending a virtual *high five* your way!

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A little bit about An Unblurred Lady’s founder

Currently nestled in the rolling mountains of East Tennessee, I spend most of my days with my hubs James chasing around our bernedoodle pup Juna! I started this website as a creative outlet during undergrad while I was pursuing a biology degree. Ended up never using my degree and worked a few management and marketing jobs while keeping up with AUL on the side. Eventually it made more sense to fully put my time and effort into this space and we’ve been having fun with it ever since! We’re so grateful for people like you for supporting our dream!!

My inbox is always open. Feel free to send me an email with questions, comments or just to say hi! nidhi[at]anunblurredlady[dot]com.

Please direct all media and partnership inquiries to: hello[at]anunblurredlady[dot]com.