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10 Moving Tips and Tricks to Make Life Easier

In the past 365 days, we went through two big moves that were over 5 hours away. We didn’t hire movers, so it’s safe to say that I’ve picked up some moving tips and tricks along the way. After extensive research, (hello, Reddit) we compiled a master list of moving…

21 Easy Vegetarian Meal Prep Recipes to Make

This one is for all of those vegetarians out there, and those of you that want to live a more plant-based lifestyle. Countless people boast the benefits of a meatless life, so whether you’re vegging out or not, it’s a good idea to have a few good vegetable recipes in…

Hair Scarves Under $20 // Summer Trend Alert

Hair accessories are all the rage this summer, and one of our favorite trends are hair scarves! An effortless hair accessory that can quickly glam up any casual look, what’s not to love. As a chronic busy person, did I mention that it also covers the grease fest that is…

15 Curry Recipes that are Spicy Goodness

Not gonna lie, when I was younger, I hated anything that was curried. Coming from an Indian household, chicken curry, veggie curry, tofu curry was on the menu on an almost daily basis. But now that I’m older, and not eating Indian food on a daily basis, I can’t get…

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Acne Products

Salicylic Acid, Benzoyl Peroxide, Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Retinoids, Sulfur…girl, I didn’t come here for a science lesson! So, what do all of these ingredients have in common? They’re all active components in acne treatments! Having acne flare-ups and acne prone skin is a problem no one wants, and with hundreds…

This Weekends Best Sales on June 14

Did this week feel like the longest week ever?! Summer officially starts next week, but we’re still a few weeks until the 4th of July holidays, so we feel like the days are dragging. Pool time, grilling out and retail therapy has been keeping us going tho. A quick PSA…

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Ginger Garlic Paste Recipe // Quick and Easy

A staple in an Indian kitchen is the ginger garlic paste. A majority of savory Indian recipes call for some ginger garlic paste in it, but I’ve noticed that it’s not readily available in grocery stores. When you do find it in the store, it’s packed with preservatives and things…

21 Summer Meal Prep Recipes to Test Out

We strive to eat seasonally, but we also try to meal prep, so finding a balance can be challenging at times. Summer is the time to indulge in farm-fresh produce, and we want to capitalize on this as much as possible. To make things easier, we took some popular summer…

Amazon Summer Fashion Finds Under $50

Amazon is killing it as always with their fashion finds! I can spend hours diving into the Amazon Fashion category, adding tons of items to my cart. The best thing is, most of the items are under $50. I’ve tested a ton of pieces and typically share them on Instagram.…

21 Healthy Popsicle Recipes to Make This Summer

Whenever we’re traveling and spending time in the sun, I always crave popsicles. What better way to cool down and rehydrate than with an ice-cold, flavorful pop. But, as with most things, popsicles can be really unhealthy. They tend to be loaded with refined sugar and are higher in fat… Shop


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