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Frizzy Hair? Try These Products, Tools, and Tips!

We all love what we can’t have. Straight haired babes are craving those lush bouncy curls and curly haired chicks want those smooth straight locks. Either way, you’re beautiful and have beautiful hair even if you want to tweak it a little bit. This is for the ladies with frizzy…

The Easiest Frosé Recipe (Frozen Rosé)

When you think of summer cocktails, what comes to mind? For me, it’s the cult-favorite Frosé. It’s bright, refreshing, sweet, fruity and perfectly boozy! So I created the easiest Frosé recipe, literally only 4 ingredients, that tastes like summertime. PSA one of the ingredients is a little outside the box,…

25 Simple Meal Prep Recipes You Need to Try

Meal prepping is becoming more and more popular and for good reason. Having lunches and dinners ready in advance helps reduce stress on weekdays and generally keeps your healthier! Some of these prepping recipes can get really advanced with fancy ingredients and long steps, but not these. We found some…

19 Salsa Recipes that are Outside the Box

I don’t know about you, but chips and dip is my kryptonite. Put a bowl of chips, dip, guac or queso in front of me and I have no self-control! With Cinco de Mayo around the corner, I decided to look for a few recipes for homemade salsa recipes and…

Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2019

Everyone loves celebrating the ones they hold near and dear, and Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion to treat your mom. I mean, every day should be celebrating your mom day! They’re easily the most deserving person in our book. Our moms are known for being selfless, loving, caring, strong…

Bamboo Bags under $100 that are Spring Perfection

Bamboo bags, the ever so popular spring and summer accessory that is still taking over an Instagram feed near you. Yes, these bags are trendy, and they have been for a few years now. The great thing about these bags is how versatile they are with spring and summer outfits.…

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21 Mezcal Cocktails that’s Perfect for Cinco de Mayo

Ok, tequila, margaritas and Mexican food go hand and hand, but have you ever had mezcal? Tequila technically is a type of mezcal, but all mezcals are not tequilas. Confusing, right? They’re both made from the agave plant, but the distillation process is different. All in all, mezcal cocktails are…

Coffee Table Books for a Stylish Home

A small decor object that can create a considerable impact: coffee table books. I always through books were only for reading, learning, and entertainment, but boy was I wrong. They are art pieces in many ways!


Easy Taco Recipe for Your Next Fiesta

With Cinco de Mayo a few days away, we created a super easy taco recipe spread that can be ready in under an hour! We love creating taco platters with numerous topping options so that everyone can make the taco of their dreams and it will also be a hands-on…

Best Dry Shampoo for Dark Hair at Every Price Point

This is for all of your dark haired babes out there. The ones that struggle to find a dry shampoo for dark hair that doesn’t give you grandma’s hair at the roots. I feel you girl, been there, done that! So, I’ve tested out a few different dry shampoos and… Shop


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