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An Unblurred Lady receives multiple offers for sponsored posts and advertising, but I will only work with the brands that I would organically write about and truly love!

There will always be a disclosure on a sponsored post!  If an item was gifted to me, I will indicate it with a “c/o”.  Sponsored posts will be disclosed as “sponsored” at the beginning or ending of the post.

Affiliate Links: An Unblurred Lady is a part of several affiliate programs. This means that if you click on a link which results in a purchase at that retailer, I will receive a small commission from the sale.  These affiliate links are scattered throughout the posts and website.

Product Reviews: An Unblurred Lady receives many products for reviews and testing. Any product that is reviewed on this site is tested consistently for at least 10 days before writing the review here.

Always keep in mind that all items mentioned and reviewed on this site are tested and loved by me, or are on my current wishlist. All opinions are my own, always!