Glowing Skin with these 5 Tips

Everyone wants to be that girl; the one with great hair and skin, the one that looks effortless with her no-makeup glow. It’s possible, y’all. My 2018 goals include getting abs, having glowing skin and living an authentic life. Yep, I’m surrounding my whole year around self-care and internal happiness and it’s safe to say that it’s going well so far. I feel like I’m becoming that girl, the one that feels great in her own skin; it’s all about perspective, right?! In my journey towards these goals, I’ve picked up a few tips along the way. Today, I’m going to focus on tips towards attaining glowing skin.

14 Rose Beauty Products That Are So Soothing

We all deserve to treat ourselves to luxurious facial treatments and indulgent trinkets. A great way to jump on the self-love bandwagon at home is by treating your skin nourishing beauty products that protect, replenish and revitalize. Now let’s add luxurious to the mix. With rose beauty products, you can glam up your at home facial with beautiful fragrances while caring for your skin.

Minimalistic Skincare from Shortlist Beauty

This year, one of my goals is to streamline and perfect my skincare routine. I honestly didn’t realize how challenging this would be until I started researching all the different skincare options. Which led me to think, there has to be a beauty line that will help my skin in the most simplistic way. A skincare line that doesn’t include 8 products and dozens of added ingredients. Well, Shortlist Beauty is exactly that.

Ok y’all. Let’s be real, who has time for 4 serums and 5 creams in their daily skincare routin!? This girl does NOT. When I heard about Shortlist Beauty’s minimalistic take on beauty, I was completely sold on the idea.

The serum and cream combine perfectly to deliver the necessary skincare ingredients without irritation. The Shortlist Duo results in clear skin, reduced lines, less wrinkles, an even complexion and all in all, stronger, healthier skin. Did I mention that the products also fall under the clean beauty category. Yet another win in my book!

4 Travel Skincare Tips with Dove

With the hustle and bustle associated with traveling, self-care is typically overlooked. Seriously, I’ve been bouncing around from state to state the past few months, and am SO guilty of ignoring my skincare needs when traveling and this is NOT ok. I recently read some tips from Dove Dermatologist Dr. Alicia Barba, and with the help of Dove, started implementing her tips into my more recent travel routine. I personally use Dove on a daily basis, but reading the tips from an expert helped me take the extra step to healthier and happier skin.

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4 Ways to Stay Hydrated in the Winter

Anyone else suffer from extreme dry skin in the colder months? Everyone stresses that hydrating in the summer months is extremely important, but it’s just as important to stay hydrated in the winter months. I recently started using this Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer With Calming Green Tea Oil after showering and it is really keeping my skin supple and soft. More on that below…

Half Crown Braid Tutorial With Suave

As the temperatures cool down, my hair tends to react negatively with extra frizz and dryness. Recently, I have been using the Suave Biotin Infusion line to prep my hair for the upcoming winter. With the killer trio of strengthening shampoo, strengthening conditioner and anti-breakage serum working together, my fine hair already feels stronger…

Save on Beauty with Groupon

This post is sponsored, but all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that fuel An Unblurred Lady! Happy Friday ladies! If you’re like me, Friday equates to pamper and relax day. I try to head home early from work so I can spend the afternoon recovering…

Sapphire 8 in 1 Curling Wand

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Caramel Highlights

Hello hello, Guess who dyed her hair!! After months of debating, this girl decided to try out some balayage and highlights for the first time! Y’all have no idea how terrified I was when the dye was sitting in my hair; but I am in love with the end result.…