20 Wellness Goals for a Healthier 2020

Happy 2020, friends! It’s easy to start each year out with a handful of resolutions that will help you “crush your goals.” Until the resolutions are met with insincerity and laziness and those goals turn into regrets and you’re thrown into a downward spiral with no “goals crushed.” Sorry, that’s just not happening this year. Recently, instead of resolutions, I decided to create intentions. Intentions sound way less aggressive, much more approachable and attainable and isn’t that what living a more rounded life is all about. Here are my 20 wellness goals for 2020; just little things that I want to focus on improving without a limiting mindset.

These intentions require minimal preparation and can be adjusted in any way that suits your lifestyle. My goals won’t have any numbers attached to them, cuz every day is different and we want the goals to be as positive as possible.

Must-Have Wellness Essentials


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20 Wellness Goals for a Healthier 2020

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Whether it’s one extra glass of water a day, or one liter, staying hydrated has numerous benefits that make it a no brainer. Try keeping a handy water bottle present to make this easier.

Be selective, don’t say yes to everything

Before saying yes, reflect on the task and ask yourself if it serves you, will bring you joy, or is essential. Burnout is real, so be selective on how you spend your time.

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Eat more balanced meals

Learn the food groups and try to stay mindful when planning your meals. Add more veggies and cut out unhealthy stuff. Good nutrition is just as important as a regimented workout schedule and will have many long term benefits. This cookbook is a gem!

Morning Meditation

Start your day with a peaceful clearing of your mind. Get yourself in the right mindset for the day with just a few minutes of deep breathing. Try a meditation app too!

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Evening Decompression

After a long and grueling day, spend some time reflecting on your accomplishments and frustration. Take some deep breaths and mentally push the stress away.

No Screens Before Bed

Seeing blue light (cell phone, laptop, tv) before bedtime can delay the release of melatonin causing a setback to your sleep schedule. Try avoiding screens at least an hour before bed, or wear blue light blocking glasses instead!

20 Wellness Goals for a Healthier 2020 // bedtime reading

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Reading causes mental stimulation, memory improvement and all kinds of other benefits. Whether it’s 15 minutes a day or 2 hours, add a book to your nightstand to wind down with before bed.

Stay Active

Not going to say exercise daily or lose xxx pounds because that’s so restricting. Instead, just keep a goal of moving around on your breaks. Take long walks or try a HITT workout, whatever suits your lifestyle.

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Be Present

We live in an age where it’s so easy to be somewhere without actually being present. Take the time to be more active in your conversations, to listen more carefully and respond more meaningfully. Don’t just hang out and stay on your phone the entire time.

Reduce Sugar

Sugar is delicious, sugar is fun, but sugar is not that good for you. Don’t cut sugar out completely, but if you can drink your coffee black, try that instead of sugary creamers. Your body and teeth will thank you.

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Step Away, Multiple Times a Day

As someone that works from home most days of the week, it’s easy to get in the zone and grind without stopping. But you should try to step away and take a break throughout your day.

Start your week with a Meal Prep

This one’s a little more hands-on, but you’ll reap the rewards all week long. Try one of these meal prep friendly recipes.

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Wash your Face, Every Day

We all want good skin, and for that, you need to take care of it. Start with washing your face every morning, evening and after a workout. Then add on a regimented skincare routine. Bye-bye wrinkles.

Strengthen your Relationships

It may take talking more, or maybe even talking less and listening more…but make an active effort to work towards a stronger connection.

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Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

It’s easy to dwell on problems that arise, but if they aren’t affecting your objective, don’t let it bother you.

Remember but Don’t Regret

Reflecting on the good and bad is important, but don’t turn reflection into regret. Instead, focus on ways to improve and grow.

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Declutter your Life

Decluttering leads to organization, and being organized creates a healthy environment. Spend some time every week and reduce the clutter.

Fill your home with plants

Extra green in your space will brighten anyone’s day! We love getting our house plants from Home Depot!

20 Wellness Goals for a Healthier 2020 // house plants, outdoor patio space
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Less Alcohol, More Water

Not gonna lie, I probably drank too much alcohol in 2019, and it left me feeling sluggish, bloated and uncomfortable. So instead of reaching for wine every night, I may skip a night or two.

Sit up Straight

Good posture is so important for your body’s wellbeing so try doing a posture check a few times a day and realign! I’ve been using this posture brace to remind me to sit up straight.

Which of these 20 wellness goals is your favorite? What are your intentions for this new year?


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