7 Board Games for a Fun Family Game Night

Since we’ve found ourselves at home these past few weeks, we’ve found the time to develop and cultivate some at-home hobbies. This week we took on some sourdough baking, dumpling folding, reading, and home workouts. We’ve also rediscovered some of our old board games and even added some new ones to our collection. Some of our favorites are listed below!

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8 Board Games for Family Game Night

Settlers of Catan (3-4 players; potentially 5-6 players with expansion pack)

We have to start the list with Catan, this was our first love and a wonderful starting place for many newcomers to board games. This game has strategy, bargaining and lots of fun while being easy to pick up and learn. As the game progresses you collect, trade and build roads and settlements with resource tiles. Everything that you build has the potential to earn you Victory Points and the first to 10 points wins. We have gone back to Settlers of Catan countless times and even gotten many of our friends hooked as well.

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Carcassonne (2-5 players)

This is a game that’s also easy to learn and is kinda like Catan. Your goal is to build a landscape with Cities, roads, cloister and fields. Then you’ll populate your world with followers (called “meeples”). Meeples will score points and that’s is how you win. This game that’s inspired by the real castle of Carcassonne on the French countryside is very fun, easy to learn and has great replay value.


8 Board Games for Family Game Night

Sushi Go (2-5 players)

For a fast paced game, our favorite is Sushi Go. Each game takes 15 minutes or less and you collect sashimi, maki rolls, and tempura to build the highest point value meal. It’s very easy to learn and play, with a fun “pass and go” gameplay. When we play games with friends, this game often finds itself making an appearance. Even Nidhi and I have a great time playing it by ourselves. Sushi Go also comes in a small tin that’s easy to bring with you and fits into bags and carry on luggage while traveling.

Labyrinth (2-4 players)

A little bit slower paced than the other games but just as much fun! This game demands strategy, thinking ahead and problem solving. The map changes with every turn so you have to constantly adapt your plans to achieve your goals and to block your opponents. This was one of our earliest games that we enjoyed with our family and friends over the years.

8 Board Games for Family Game Night

Betrayal at House on the Hill (3-6 Players)

Betrayal has quickly become one of our favorite games because of the quality of the storylines with all the elements of suspense, puzzle solving, camaraderie and betrayal! The game begins with all players exploring and designing a haunted mansion together until a point about halfway through the game when the betrayer is revealed and then it becomes an exciting fight for the win as each team attempts to out-maneuver the other to accomplish their own goals. This game has one of the highest re-playability factors as there are 50 different scenarios to play through and the design of the haunted mansion will be different every single time!

Tiny Towns (1-6 players)

Tiny Towns is the newest edition to our collection and it has quickly become one of our most popular. The idea behind this game is so fun and it is also a quick game to pickup. You are a city planner collecting resources to build cottages, wells, taverns, markets, etc on a limited plot of land and whoever is able to plan their tiny town constructions the most efficiently collects the most points to win!

8 Board Games for Family Game Night

Ticket to Ride (2-5 players)

This is another perfect game that can be learned in a few short minutes but with plenty of action and easy strategy to make it fun for everybody that we’ve played with. This game has frequented our table over the years and we absolutely love building the railroads across America, connecting city to city to earn points and arrive at new destinations.

8 Board Games for Family Game Night

What are your favorite board games for game night?


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