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4 Travel Skincare Tips with Dove

With the hustle and bustle associated with traveling, self-care is typically overlooked. Seriously, I’ve been bouncing around from state to state the past few months, and am SO guilty of ignoring my skincare needs when traveling and this is NOT ok. I recently read some tips from Dove Dermatologist Dr. Alicia Barba, and with the help of Dove, started implementing her tips into my more recent travel routine. I personally use Dove on a daily basis, but reading the tips from an expert helped me take the extra step to healthier and happier skin.

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Augusta Hotels || Where to Stay in Augusta, GA

One of the most common questions I get e-mailed is: I’m visiting Augusta, where should I stay?

The Partridge Inn is easily my first recommendation. Located in the beautiful and historic Summerville area, it is also known as The Grand Hotel of the Classic South, it has been the go-to accommodation for dignitaries and celebrities. Nested on “the hill,” The Partridge Inn also boasts some of the best views in Augusta. 

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Salt Lake City Travel Guide

Salt Lake City, UT was always on my travel list, so when James received a residency interview invitation there, I had to tag along! Of course, with it being an interview trip, everything was planned last minute. We booked our tickets and were on the…

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Chattanooga Travel Guide at The Chattanoogan

Chattanooga, Tennessee is a lovely city jam packed with beautiful scenery, historic buildings, delicious restaurants and endless adventure. We were limited to 48 hours in the Nooga, so we hustled through some of the most fun experiences I’ve ever had. Y’all, I didn’t realize how close Chattanooga was to numerous southeastern cities! It’s just within 2 hours of Nashville, Atlanta, Knoxville and Birmingham. Definitely worth a weekend excursion if you’re close by!

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Tokyo Travel Outfit

Tokyo has always been on our travel bucket list and finally seeing the city and experiencing the culture is such a treat. The weather here is not terribly cold so walking around, seeing the sights and eating the Japanese cuisine is wonderful.

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OOTD :: NASA Rocket Garden

Hello hello, The past week was spring break for me, so I thoroughly enjoyed resting and relaxing in Orlando and Tampa for a few days. James and I managed to go to Kennedy Space Center, the outlets, 2 aquariums, 2 zoos, Busch Gardens, and the…

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36 Hours in Asheville!

Hello hello, Last weekend, I spent an amazing two days exploring Asheville, NC for the first time. In just 36 hours, the quirky city easily became one of my favorites. It was a 3.5 hour drive from Augusta and we didn’t leave until James was…

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Orange Groves

Hey guys! Here are some pictures from my orange picking adventure in Orlando… Her  Dress:Hollister|| Shoes:Steve Madden|| Bag:Tory Burch|| Watch:Kate Spade|| Sunnies:Ray-Bans Him Shirt: JCrew Factory || Shorts: JCrew || Shoes: Sperrys || Hat: Barmah Australia Orange picking in the Orlando citrus groves was the…

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