Citrus Salad Recipe with Avocado and Vinaigrette

With citrus season in full bloom, I’m incorporating the tart fruit into my meals as much as possible. When you think of citrus, dessert or sweet preparations usually come to mind, but savory citrus meals are just as good. Recently, I’m adding a few slivers of citrus into my salad for extra brightness and flavor. This citrus salad with avocado and vinaigrette is one of my favorite lunch meals. Also, combining oranges, lemons, blood oranges and tangerines creates a colorful meal that is so pretty to look at.

citrus salad recipe

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When you’re preparing the citrus, peel the rind and pith with a sharp knife/peeler to remove any bitterness. Save the peel for zesting.

The vinaigrette is simply just extra virgin olive oil, champagne vinegar, orange juice, lemon zest, agave nectar, and Italian seasoning.

Full citrus salad recipe below:

citrus salad recipe

citrus salad recipe


What are your favorite citrus recipes?


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