DIY Oversized Flower Crown

Hello friends!
As I mentioned yesterday on “Shifty Shift,” I’m looking forward to this weekend because it is the Music Midtown Festival in Atlanta, Georgia. So many of my favorite artists are performing: John Mayer, Zac Brown Band, Lana del Rey, Lorde, and Bastille to name a few!
All summer long I’ve been seeing an abundance of festival outfits and flower crowns. I decided to follow suit and make my own oversized flower crown for this festival. I was pleasantly surprised with how easy the DIY project was and elated with the result.

Gather materials: Various faux flowers ;; twine ;; floral wire ;; floral tape ;; hot glue gun ;; scissors
Bundle up a few pieces of floral wire and wrap together with another piece of wire. Be sure to leave some excess wire at the end.

Form a crown shape to your liking and use the excess wire from one end of the bundle to attach with the other end of the bundle. Wrap excessively with floral tape.


Gather your larger flowers and start wrapping them to the base with more floral wire. I wanted a very sturdy crown so I wrapped each flower multiple times.


Here’s my initial base of just white flowers. It’s a little unsymmetrical, but I don’t mind since flowers have an organic shape.


I found it easiest to attach larger flowers that had longer stem with floral wire and small flowers with hot glue. I also reinforced the larger flowers with hot glue. This crown will survive anything!

I just kept building onto the base with miscellaneous small blooms and leaves.



I just realized that the crown also looks like a petite wreath. Definitely did not think my crown would have a more functional use than being an accessory! Here is a sneak peek of my flower crown styling, keep an eye out for more pictures!
Do let me know if you attempt the crown DIY!
Thanks for reading!!
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  1. 9.18.14
    Rachel Emma said:

    Gahh you make it look so easy! I have tried to make a floral crown before, & it was a huge fail lol. Perhaps it's time to give it another go 🙂 | Austin Style Blog

  2. 9.18.14
    Jackie said:

    WOW!!! This is a gorgeous DIY and it really does look easy enough (or so you make it seem).

    Great post!

    xo Jackie

    Something About That

  3. 9.18.14
    Alecia Mariana said:

    Sounds like so much fun! Love flower crowns!!


    La Joie de
    Vivre by Alecia Mariana

    // Bloglovin

  4. 9.18.14
    Visions of Vogue said:

    Such a beautiful crown! Now how do we integrate this into fall fashsion??

    Jenna from Visions of Vogue

  5. 9.18.14
    Julia said:

    Such an adorable floral crown. I am definitely giving it a try next time!

    Julia || Closet de Jules
    Recent Post: Crusing PCH Wearing Lilly

  6. 9.19.14
    Made in Mauve said:

    Such a pretty DIY! Thanks for sharing

    Made in Mauve

  7. 9.19.14
    Kileen said:

    very cute flower crown and i can't wait to see how you rock it!

    cute & little

  8. 9.19.14
    Mon said:

    great diy

    mon |