Pinterest Tips: How we get 10 Million Monthly Views

The title says it all- four MILLION monthly views, you mean yearly right?! Nope, we’ve managed to break the Pinterest code and have consistently been getting 9-10 million views each month on the platform; and 35,000 followers!! This, in turn, leads to tens of thousands of monthly page view on this website. The best part is, it only takes a few hours of maintenance¬†a week. Yes, starting off takes a little time, but once you get in the zone, pinning will become the easiest part of your social strategy. Annnnd it will also create the most traction. Ready for the mind blowing Pinterest tips?

Before we dive into the Pinterest tips, let’s clarify one thing. Pinterest is not a social media platform. The biggest mistake people make is treating it as such. Pinterest is essentially a search engine. Treat it like you would treat Google search. Let’s think about it for a second: why do you use Pinterest? To research and discover topics…right? The second you start treating Pinterest like a search engine, you’ll see a huge difference in reach.

Now we’ll share our basic Pinterest Tips to help you increase your views on Pinterest, which will ultimately lead to more traffic on your blog. Check out my stats below!

Pinterest Tips # 1: Get Tailwind.

If you’re scratching your head and saying what on earth is Tailwind, here’s a quick rundown. Tailwind is a Pinterest scheduling app that is also an official partner of Pinterest. On Tailwind they offer a suite of marketing tools including Smart Scheduling, Analytics & Monitoring, Content Discovery, Promotion, and more.

Scheduling content on Tailwind is how we batch and streamline our Pinning process. This saves hours of time and is very easy to maintain. Tailwind is also super easy to use, it even optimizes your posting times and double checks your links/captions so everything is running smoothly.

Tailwind also has a feature called Tribes, but I’ll get into that below.

Sign up for Tailwind here and get 30 days FREE! 

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Pinterest Tips # 2: Optimize your Profile/Clean up your Boards

Your profile is what everyone sees when they stumble on your page, so this is a great place to drive even more traffic to your website. A few ways to do this:

  • Get a business account and add and verify your website. Pinterest for Businesses is essential for any business owner because it has tracking and promotion tools that are so useful. Make sure you verify your website so it is visible on your homepage with a check.
  • Create a searchable Name. In ours, we have “Nidhi Patel // Life & Style Blog.” This helps viewers quickly understand what you’re offering. Further expand on this in the bio sections and make sure you include a contact email. I’ve gotten some of my best brand collabs through Pinterest, and that wouldn’t be possible without the contact info.
  • That was the easy stuff, now comes the time-consuming part, cleaning up your boards. Take a few days and do a full audit of your Pinterest profile:
    • Hide (DON’T DELETE) any boards that aren’t relevant to your brand. Look and see which ones are underperforming, and just make them private. Yes, you may lose some followers, but in the long run, these boards are probably not driving any traffic.
    • Optimize your board descriptions. Use keywords within your board description to make them more searchable.
    • Create a Private Board for Pins that are underperforming. Go through your boards and move pins that aren’t the best to this private board. Don’t delete them, deleting will negatively affect your Pinterest page.


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Pinterest Tips # 3: Set Up Rich Pins

Another Pinterest for Businesses perk. This Pinterest feature includes extra information on your native pins. Pinterest says: Rich Pins provide more context about an idea because they show extra information directly on a Pin. There are four types of Rich Pins: app, product, recipe, and articles. Learn how to set them up here.  

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Pinterest Tips # 4: Pin Consistently

This is where Tailwind comes in handy. We strive to have 70 pins scheduled every day! Yes, it sounds like a lot, but this sheer quantity tells Pinterest that you are very active on the platform, which leads to an increase in views. It’s better to Pin consistently vs pinning hundreds of pins within a few hours. We strive to pin 40% of Images from our website with 60% from other websites/re-pins from the Pinterest feed. That’s around 25 from our website and 45 from elsewhere.

We spend a few hours a week scheduling re-pins out a few days in advance. Then when we have a new post live, we schedule all of the pins from that post immediately and shuffle them on Tailwind.

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Pinterest Tip # 5: Use Keywords in Your Description

This builds on treating the platform like a search engine. When you’re creating the pin descriptions, keep SEO best practices and searchable keywords in mind. The more descriptive, the better. When we pin from our blog, we spend some time researching what others are searching on Pinterest and use those details to create our descriptions.

Pinterest’s search function also pulls up tags that work with your search. Say you search for “healthy recipes,” Pinterest will pull up other keywords that are searched with healthy recipes such as “vegan” “easy” “quick” “meal prep.” Use these additional keywords to further your reach.

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Pinterest Tip # 6: Join Group Boards/Tailwind Tribes

  • Group Boards typically have a larger number of followers, so there will be more people seeing your posts. Ideally, that means more people will re-pin your posts as well. Join a few relevant group boards by messaging the owners and asking them to add you. Pin your blog pins to these group boards to increase views and repins.
  • Join relevant Tailwind Tribes and add your content to your Tribes. Tailwind tribes are essentially internal group boards where you collaboratively share and re-share content. Pinning to Tribes greatly increases reach and views, and while helping other content creators with increasing their reach and views. #win-win

These are the basics of what we did to get 4 million monthly views on our Pinterest. Let us know if these help, and if you would like more Pinterest Tips!

Also, don’t miss out on a FREE month of Tailwind, click through for details!

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    These are really great tips.

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      Thank you! Just the basics, but they make such a big difference!