Tips to Maximize Recovery After a Workout

So you had an amazing workout…now what? Post workout recovery is just as important as the workout itself and sticking to the right habits can not only speed up recovery but also maximize gains. I have perfected a ritual that helps with my recovery time, so here are some tips to maximize recovery after a workout.

Stretch after your workout.

I actually produced the bad habit of leaving the gym right after I was done exercising. No stretching, no water, no nothing. The second I started slowing it down and stretching after my workout sessions, the better I felt the next day. Soreness started going away faster and I was able to do more during my sessions! Find Youtube videos with stretches to help!

Have Premier Protein Shakes after your workout for a post-workout boost.

Premier Protein’s shakes have 30g protein and they taste so good, it’s hard to believe they’re good for you! I’ve been drinking Premier Protein Cookies & Cream Shake or Premier Protein Peaches & Cream Shake after my workout and both have been a motivating treat! I know they’re low in sugar and high in protein, so it’s really a no-brainer to include it into my daily routine. I also love how Premier Protein can be enjoyed for breakfast or a snack or a post-workout treat. A tip here is to take it along and have it ready when you need it. I leave my Premier Protein treat in the fridge at work so I can grab it to go on my way to the gym.

Sleep more, eat healthier and drink more water.

I know, common sense, right? Well, these little things can make a huge impact on post-workout recovery. I aim to drink 9-10 glasses of water a day which is a good start in the water requirement category. I also feel that 7-8 hours of sleep help with recovery WAY more than 6 hours…this switch was a game changer for me. Lastly, eating foods that are high in antioxidants and potassium have helped with my exercise recovery. A few hours after my Premier Protein shake, I try to snack on some berries and leafy greens to further improve.

Maximize Recovery After a Workout

Maximize Recovery After a Workout  Maximize Recovery After a Workout

Have you tried Premier Protein Shakes? What flavor is your favorite?

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