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2020 Planners to Keep You Organized All Year

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Real talk guys, I’m so unorganized that it’s becoming a problem. I have the bad habit of writing a mile-long to-do list and struggling to execute it. Do you feel me? So if you’re like me, then lets work on improving this together! One thing that I learned is that I need a good planner to stay on track. Whether it’s an online calendar or a write-down kinda situation, do what’s best for your needs. I found a few 2020 planners that are great options if you’re on the hunt for something to use all year!

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2020 Planners to Keep You Organized All Year

For the Serial Entrepreneur

The Full Focus Planner is recommended by leading business professionals and entrepreneurs alike! It will keep your days organized while helping you achieve your biggest goals. It a little different cuz it’s a 90-day planner. But reviews say that it helps you increase productivity and stay on task. #winning

Planners to Keep You Organized All Year
Photo by STIL on Unsplash

For My Desi Girl

This one is for my South-Asian American friends! My Desi Planner has solved all of my forgetful holiday woes. It has 63 holidays labeled throughout, including South-Asian holidays. Y’all, I’m impressing my mom when I remind her of some Indian holidays that even she’s forgotten, it’s great!

Planners to Keep You Organized All Year // My Desi Planner

My Desi Planner also has seasonal recipes and crafting ideas for each month; they are all super festive and fun! I love how it keeps me attached to my roots on a daily basis.

Planners to Keep You Organized All Year

For the Busy Mom

If you’re a mom with dozens of activities for your kiddos, Erin Condren’s Life Planner is a must-have for you. You can organize your life one week at a time and the Life Planner is proven to increase time management and productivity. Exactly what the busy mom needs!

2020 Planners to Keep You Organized All Year

For the Bride to Be

Wedding planning entails a bazillion lists, appointments, timelines and more, so a planner made to handle the details is a necessity. Another popular Erin Condren item, the Wedding Planner will help you stay organized in style with tips and tricks along the way. I’m using this for all of our wedding needs, and can’t imagine this year without it!

2020 Wedding Agenda Planners to Keep You Organized
Social Squares

For Just About Anyone

The Passion Planner has everything that you need to manage your schedule and crush your goals in an effective and organized way! It even has a passion roadmap that’ll help you define your goals!

2020 Planners to Keep You Organized All Year
Photo by STIL on Unsplash

Do you like using planners? Let us know if you try any of these 2020 Planners out!

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