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Bruschetta Pizza With Balsamic Reduction Recipe

Bruschetta Pizza with balsamic reduction, the combination of farm fresh cherry tomatoes and garden fresh basil. We all love tomato sauce on our pizzas, but bruschetta adds on a flavor and texture profile that’s way better than just regular red sauce. Okay, that’s my opinion. But there’s just something special about bruschetta made from freshly picked tomatoes. So, head to your farmer’s market and then whip this easy pizza up.

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Bruschetta Pizza

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We say it’s easy because we’re lazy when it comes to cooking. Making fresh pizza dough would’ve added way more time, so we went for a pre-made, pre-cooked crust. You could try this same recipe with homemade dough or pre-made uncooked dough from the grocery store. But, the pre-made, pre-cooked crust cuts the time down by a ton, so you could have the pizza ready in 30 minutes.

PRO TIP: For a low carb option, try this cauliflower crust, that doesn’t even taste like cauliflower!! It’s SO good!

Bruschetta is actually very simple but has a ton of flavor. Take cherry heirloom tomatoes and slice them in half. Combine it with olive oil, minced garlic, finely chopped basil and salt and pepper. Seriously so simple!

Bruschetta Pizza

To make the bruschetta pizza, drizzle olive oil on the crust, rub the crust with a sliced garlic head and layer the bruschetta on top. Layer on fresh basil leaves and sprinkle on mozzarella. Throw it in the oven to bake and while you’re waiting you can make the balsamic reduction.

We recommend making balsamic reduction at home, but if you’re low on time, this is a great pre-made option. A balsamic reduction is essentially just a high-quality balsamic vinegar and a sweetener.

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Bruschetta Pizza

Take the pizza out of the oven when its nice and toasty and drizzle the balsamic reduction on top. Add some more fresh basil leaves for extra herb-y flavor. YUM!

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