How to Have a Relaxing Facial at Home DIY

We all want little luxurious moments in life and truly deserve to treat ourselves. The thought of getting a facial brings on relaxation but the price of going to a spa does not. Don’t worry, it’s pretty easy and inexpensive to have a relaxing facial at home too! We do it all the time to supplement our in-spa facials and it leaves us feeling refreshed, relaxed and ready to go. Our facial is a 10 step process that takes an hour, requires a few products and a little self-love!

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11 Step Facial at Home DIY

How to Have a Relaxing Facial at Home DIY

Step 1: Create a relaxing environment.

This might sound silly, but clearing an area and creating a location to relax will jump-start the experience. We like lighting a few candles, especially ones with eucalyptus or lavender. You could also turn on an oil diffuser with a relaxing essential oil blend. We also like playing soft music to calm the mind. This is one of my faves! You should also tie your hair back with a mask like this, and get into comfy clothing. The best part of doing a facial at home is the control over these little details.

How to Have a Relaxing Facial at Home DIY

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Step 2: Remove makeup and cleanse your skin.

We want to start with a fresh face, so use a gentle makeup removing wipe and clean all of the gunk off of your face. Then wash it with your favorite face wash. You can even go an extra mile and double cleanse your skin. We’re sharing all the deets on double cleansing here. This is also the optimal time to start massaging your skin. When we cleanse our face, we spend extra time gently washing in circular upward motions to deeply clarify the skin.


Step 3: Exfoliate

Exfoliation is a crucial step in removing the dead skin cells off of your now clean skin. Doing this will lead to smoother skin, smaller pores and fewer wrinkles over time. So grab an exfoliant that works well with your skin and softly and thoroughly. Feel free to use a physical or chemical exfoliant, just do whatever works better for you! Some of our favorites are:

Step 4: Facial Steam

The purpose of steaming your face is to open your pores to release toxins and prepare them to absorb all of the products and masks you’re putting on your skin. Either use a facial steamer (this one is very inexpensive,) or you can DIY a steamer with a pot of hot water and towel (here’s a visual) We love adding herbs and lavender to the water for optimal relaxation.

How to Have a Relaxing Facial at Home DIY

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Step 5: Clay Mask Time

Typically after the face steam, an esthetician will start the extraction process to remove the gunk from your pores. Honestly, we recommend leaving this step to the professionals and not attempting it at home. Too many risks if it isn’t done properly. So instead, we like using an extracting and purifying clay masks like this one or this one. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes, lay down and rest. Don’t forget your neck!

Here are a few other best-selling clay masks for various skin types:


Step 6: Rinse and minimize.

It’s very important to rinse all of the residual mask off to avoid skin issues in the future! Gently wash it off with warm water. Then splash COLD water on your face to shrink your pores. You can even rub an ice cube over your face at this time.

Step 7: Toner.

The face mask is the final rinse during your facial at home, so now we add all of our serums and moisturizers. Start with a toner that will further tighten your pores and balance the pH levels of your skin. We swear by this one.

Step 8: Serums

Now that your skin is cleansed and toned, it’s time for the good stuff. Serums are chock full of highly concentrated active ingredients and are perfect for targeting your skins specific needs. You know your skin better than we do, so find serums that are appropriate and pat them on. Here are some serums to try:

Step 9: Sheet Mask

A K-beauty staple, the sheet mask is the ultimate tool for locking in rehydrating and moisturizing the skin. A sheet mask is concentrated in essence, which primes the skin while hydrating and nourishing. Leave it on for 10 – 15 minutes and your skin will feel instantly hydrated. Here are some great sheet mask options:


Step 10: Jade Rolling.

Now lets massage all of the serums and essences into the skin. We find that a jade roller is perfect for this! It works even better if it’s chilled beforehand. Roll upwards starting at your neck and move to your forehead. Jade rolling reduces inflammation and boosts circulation, which is just what your skin needs after a facial.

Step 11: Moisturize.

Last but not least, moisturize your skin to lock in everything you did. Put on your favorite under eye cream and moisturizer and you’re ready to go! If you’re planning on going outside, don’t forget the SPF!

Now you can have a super relaxing facial at home!! Let us know if you do!


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