Farmhouse Kitchen Decor from Amazon

Dreaming about a farmhouse kitchen, but don’t want to spend a ton of money to renovate? You’re in luck! With these farmhouse kitchen decor pieces from Amazon, you can create a modern farmhouse vibe on a budget!

There are a few basics that you need to pay attention to if you want to cultivate a homestead atmosphere. It really comes down to color scheme, shelving, light and decor. We’re gonna focus on decor since it’s an inexpensive way to transform any space!

Farmhouse Kitchen Decor from Amazon
Farmhouse Kitchen Decor from Amazon

Farmhouse Kitchen Color Scheme

When you see modern farmhouse images on Pinterest or in a magazine, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? For us its light and bright. Farmhouses are known to have huge, open windows that bring in tons of natural light.

If your space is lacking bright light, try painting the walls white and sticking to a white color scheme throughout. This will really help natural light bounce off the walls creating an even brighter space. If painting your kitchen is within the budget, try Sherwin Williams Creamy or White Dove by Benjamin Moore

Farmhouse kitchen with open shelving

Open Shelving

Another popular aspect of a farmhouse kitchen is it’s open shelving and organization. The openness brings in even more bright light and it’s so fun to style the open shelves. They’re also easy to install and readily available on Amazon!

farmhouse shelves styled

Light Fixtures

Having the right light fixtures can update a space while adding functional lighting. Popular farmhouse light fixtures tend to be pendant shaped and slightly industrial looking, edison bulbs are also favorable. If you’re going for a more modern farmhouse look, opt for matte and black fixtures for the perfect contrast against the white and bright.

You can even add one of these inexpensive under $100 lamps to add additional lighting to the kitchen.

pretty subway tile backsplash with marble countertops

Farmhouse Kitchen Decor

When decorating a farmhouse kitchen, pay attention to textures and colors. Beautifully styled farmhouses have tons of natural wood and neutral color schemes throughout. The handmade and hand lettered look is very popular and we love seeing fun signage and accent pieces in the kitchen. Look for decor pieces that look warm and inviting and you’ll have a farmhouse kitchen in no time.

Farmhouse Kitchen Decor from Amazon under $35

Checkered Kitchen Towels // Rustic Salt and Pepper Shaker // Wall Clock // Vintage Cage Lights // Wood Floating Shelves // Artificial Plant Set // Labeled Kitchen Canisters // Cookie Jar // EAT Sign // Vase Trio // Utensil Holder // Tiered Tray // Dish Towels // Spoon Holder // Floating Shelves with Metal // Wire Basket

Grey kitchen cabinets for a modern farmhouse look


This one isn’t typically an inexpensive Amazon update, but it could be. The go to backsplash in a farmhouse kitchen is subway tile or brick. If you have subway tile with black grout, you’ll instantly have the feel of a farmhouse! But changing backsplash isn’t in the budget for most people. In comes Peel and Stick tile. You can easily get the subway tile look with this DIY tile on Amazon. If you’re unconvinced, check out their customer image section for some transformations.

Farmhouse Kitchen Decor from Amazon
Gorgeous farmhouse kitchen

See? It’s pretty easy to update your kitchen on a budget with just farmhouse kitchen decor!


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