Why I Keep My Freezer Stocked Up During the Holidays

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Thanksgiving is less than a week away and Christmas and New Years are just around the corner, so I definitely feel the pressure. The holidays, as fun as they are, also create a massive amount of work. Planning family time, creating holiday blog content, and maintaining work can get pretty tiresome.

One pro tip I have is keeping your freezer stocked up. Mine is full of Tai Pei frozen fried ricetai pei

As I have mentioned before, Tai Pei has been making meal times SO much easier for me. I can’t stress how helpful the frozen fried rice is during the busy holiday season. I’m a chronic meal skipper, so having a tasty and easily accessible lunch or dinner option is essential.

tai pei

Another reason why I need a stocked up freezer is to avoid messes. Whenever we have visitors during the holidays, I aim to have a spotless house. After I clean the kitchen, I avoid it as much as possible. The Tai Pei entrees are my go-to when I don’t want a messy kitchen. You just heat it up in the packaging and it’s ready to eat! As always, Danni wants me to share with her!

Since Tai Pei has a fried rice special going on right now, I like to stock up my freezer with all of their options. I was pleasantly surprised with how many flavors there are. My favorites include General Tso’s Spicy Chicken, Sweet and Sour Chicken, and Beef and Broccoli.

Tai Pei also has appetizer options that are perfect for a wholesome meal option. I enjoy pairing the Chicken Potstickers with General Tso’s Spicy Chicken. It adds even more variety to an already flavorful meal. The appetizers are great for parties as well; they’re easy to prepare and perfect for a potluck!

tai pei

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