Holiday Sangria Recipe

Y’all, can you believe that Christmas is less than 20 days away! I’m in serious countdown mode; in 15 days, we’re jetting off to Japan for 2 weeks and I am so excited. December is flying by so quickly and I’m enjoying every second of it. On Pinterest, there are tons of white sangria recipes that sound delicious, so I took all the seasonal fruit out of the fridge and whipped up a seasonal holiday sangria.

holiday sangria recipe

The key here is using lots of fruit and letting it soak in the wine for a few hours. There was a huge change in flavor after letting the holiday sangria sit for 4 hours. So when you’re making this drink, plan ahead so the flavors can build.

holiday sangria recipe

Gather your favorite seasonal fruit and slice it up real thin. Truthfully, I thought sliced pears and apples looked prettier than cubed, which is why I choose to cut it this way.

holiday fruit recipe

Toss the fruit into a pitched and add a few springs of rosemary and 1/4 cup of brown sugar. Pour in your favorite white wine until the pitcher is 3/4 full.

holiday sangria

Muddle your concoction so the fruit can release even more flavor! I used the end of a wooden spoon because my pitcher’s mouth was too narrow!

holiday sangria recipe

Top the pitcher off with the white wine and put it in the fridge for at least 2 hours. After the soaking period, you’re ready to serve!

holiday sangria recipe

Add a sprig of rosemary to your wine glasses and pour the holiday sangria and fruit in until the glass is half full.

holiday sangria recipe

Top it off with some sparkling water or club soda for some bubbles. Ginger ale is also a great substitution for sparkling water.

holiday sangria recipe  And the holiday sangria is ready to enjoy!

holiday sangria recipe Pitcher || Stemless wine glass || Butcher Block (WANT!)

Most importantly, drink and be merry! Hope you have a great Monday!

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xx Nidhi


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