Minimalistic Skincare from Shortlist Beauty

This year, one of my goals is to streamline and perfect my skincare routine. I honestly didn’t realize how challenging this would be until I started researching all the different skincare options. Which led me to think, there has to be a beauty line that will help my skin in the most simplistic way. A skincare line that doesn’t include 8 products and dozens of added ingredients. Well, Shortlist Beauty is exactly that.

Ok y’all. Let’s be real, who has time for 4 serums and 5 creams in their daily skincare routin!? This girl does NOT. When I heard about Shortlist Beauty’s minimalistic take on beauty, I was completely sold on the idea.

The serum and cream combine perfectly to deliver the necessary skincare ingredients without irritation. The Shortlist Duo results in clear skin, reduced lines, less wrinkles, an even complexion and all in all, stronger, healthier skin. Did I mention that the products also fall under the clean beauty category. Yet another win in my book!

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A More Productive Day with Samsung Galaxy S9+

If you follow along on my Instagram, I’m sure you’ve noticed some huge changes coming up in my life. James is graduating Dental School, we are moving to Birmingham, Alabama and planning a trip to China. Along with that, I’m still trying to push out daily blog and social posts to keep y’all engaged.

So, how do I do it?
It takes a village to get everything done. Just kidding, it really just takes a powerful phone, the Samsung Galaxy S9+ and some dedication. I personally hate gimmicky and hard to use devices, and am so pleased with the usability and features of the Samsung Galaxy S9+. It helps streamline my day-to-day tasks and boosts my productivity to the max. I didn’t realize how frequently I would use the functions that the Samsung Galaxy S9+ has until I got the phone and dived into it. I’m also going to share how I shoot and edit my images with the Samsung Galaxy S9+ camera.

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Trusty Turtleneck Sweater Outfit

All winter long, and for the first half of spring, you can find me in a trusty turtleneck. Easily this winter’s most versatile staple, the turtleneck sweater helps me stay warm and cozy on many occasions. I love how this one isn’t too oversized and frumpy, and layers well. It can be dressed up or down and looks great with just about anything. Since the northeast is covered in snow and the south feels like winter again, it’s unlikely that I’ll be packing up my sweaters anytime soon. Although, I would prefer a cute gingham dress instead.

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18 Goat Cheese Recipes that are Creamy Goodness

Mmm goat cheese, the tart and creamy cheese that can be savory, sweet or perfectly in between. I love adding goat cheese to my weekend avocado toast, and to my favorite pasta dishes. It’s quickly replacing mozzarella in my kitchen routine, and can you blame me…the depth in flavors is just perfection. Here are 18 goat cheese recipes that are drool worthy and must try options!

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Kitchen Essentials

Caramelized Onion and Mushroom Crostini

The azaleas are starting to bloom and the temperature is warming up. That means it’s time for garden parties and outdoor events. When I have an event coming, I love bringing savory appetizers along. Crostini’s are a favorite amongst our friends, so I particularly love making them. Last weekend, I tried making caramelized onion and mushroom crostini with Kaukauna® Sharp Cheddar Cheese and they were a hit!

If you know me, you know I’m always in a rush. Having products that make creating meals quickly is a dream. Kaukauna® saves so much time when I’m making appetizers and it adds a ton of flavor. All you need to do is add your own flair to create the perfect appetizer that looks and tastes amazing. I literally prepared this Carmelized Onion and Mushroom Crostini in less than 10 minutes, and doesn’t it look amazing?!

I swear it looks like it would take an hour to put this together, but thanks to Kaukauna®, it took nowhere near that long! Full recipe below.

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Easter Brunch Recipe || Rack of Lamb with Mint Pesto

Spring is getting closer and closer, which means it’s time to enjoy all of the fun things that come with the season. Warm weather and fresh florals are two spring things I’m most excited for. Easter is just around the corner too! When I was grocery shopping at The Fresh Market, I got a wave of inspiration on what to make for Easter brunch. They have the cutest Easter candy display; I wanted everything!

Believe it or not, I managed to pull together a brunch that would be perfect for Easter in less than 2 hours. It included a brie and charcuterie board, a rack of lamb with mint pesto, roasted veggies, THE BEST cheesecake and fresh fruit. Decor was super easy too, all thanks to The Fresh Market.

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Spring Transitional Outfit + Distressed Denim Options

Spring transitional time is here and it is the most awkward time of the year when it comes to clothing. Especially in the south where it is 35 degrees in the morning and 80 degrees by lunchtime; literal hot and cold extremes in one day. Fortunately, I work in a very casual office setting, so I’m living in tees and jeans for the next few weeks. And of course, throwing on a cardigan is essential since it’ll very likely be freezing by the end of the day. When you’re looking for spring transitional outfit inspiration, just opt for easy layers. It isn’t much work peeling off layers if necessary, but being too hot or too cold all day is a pain.

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