Winter Pear Chia Bowl

pear chia bowl 

January is coming to an end and I hope you all are reaching your goals for the new year. As far as my goals are concerned, I’m just aiming for a more healthier lifestyle than last year. I can honestly say that January was a rough month in regards to healthy eating. But, we have some stricter guidelines set for February!

I actually spent a few hours on Saturday meal prepping for the entire week. One of my struggles is pre-planning, so this partial meal prep was a step in the right direction. The ever so popular chia bowl is one meal that I’ve enjoyed prepping in advance.

winter chia bowl

I’ve been a fan of chia seeds for many years, but I usually just added a tablespoon to my lemonade for some texture. A pear chia bowl sounded like a really cool concept that was easy and healthy. Essentially blend some pear and vanilla almond milk into a puree and add chia seeds to the mixture. Let the combination sit overnight and you have chia pudding in the morning!

chia pudding

One of my favorite parts of the meal bowl is adding toppings. There are so many beautiful smoothie/chia/acai/fruit bowls with awesome toppings. Just grab your favorite fruits and nuts and sprinkle them on top.

pear chia

I saved some of the pear puree to add on top of the chia bowl as well. I was afraid that the mild pear flavor would get lost with the chia added, so the puree was an extra boosting of pear.

pear chia bowl   pear chia pudding

Winter Pear Chia Bowl


Let me know if you try it out, or if you have any other variations. I want to try making chocolate chia pudding dessert this weekend!

Hope you have a great start to your week. Thanks for stopping by.



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