Frizzy Hair? Try These Products, Tools, and Tips!

We all love what we can’t have. Straight haired babes are craving those lush bouncy curls and curly haired chicks want those smooth straight locks. Either way, you’re beautiful and have beautiful hair even if you want to tweak it a little bit. This is for the ladies with frizzy hair, myself included. We researched and tested a ton of products, tools, and ideas to help with the frizz, so try them out and see if they make a difference!

Frizzy Hair? Try These Products, Tools, and Tips!

The basics: what causes frizzy hair?

Everyone has dealt with frizzy hair issues when it’s humid outside, but why? Frizz happens when the cuticle layer of your hair is lifted, which lets moisture from the air move into the strands, which in turn makes your hair expand. This makes your hair look dry rather than of smooth. It all comes down to dry and damaged hair. But these fixes will minimize the frizz and hopefully reduce damage as well.


Cleansing your hair is crucial to healthy strands but all shampoos are not made equally. Start by switching to sulfate free shampoos. Sulfates strip your hair of natural oils which causes dryness, aka the cause of frizzy hair. Most shampoos, unfortunately, have sulfate in them, but brands are getting smart and nixing the damaging ingredient.

PRO TIP: Look for shampoos that have a higher amount of Glycerin in it, it’s a humectant which retains moisture and pulls it into the hair.

Sulfate-Free Shampoo Options

Frizzy Hair? Try These Products, Tools, and Tips!
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Never ever, ever skip conditioner. It’s kinda like never skip washing your face, this is just as important. Conditioner helps to hydrate the hair strands to the core. The more hydrated your hair cuticle is, the less likely for it to get raised and frizzy.

PRO TIP: Wash your hair with only conditioner a few times a week. You may think that shampoo and conditioner go hand in hand, but skipping the shampoo every once in a while may be beneficial (don’t skip the shampoo every time though, you need it to properly cleanse your hair.) It’s actually called co-washing. It doesn’t necessarily cleanse your hair, but still adds moisture back into the strands.

Best Cleansing Conditioners for Co-Washing

And of course, we understand that there will always be days where you just don’t have time to tame the mane, and hair accessories such as hair scarves are the perfect solution to making the frizzy hair look more put together.

Frizzy Hair? Try These Products, Tools, and Tips!

Hair Oil

Argan oils are great for frizzy hair; it penetrates deeply and is fairly lightweight. A small amount goes a long way and we recommend adding a few drops throughout your hair after you’re done styling it.

Coconut oil is a nice DIY option that has quick results. Use pure coconut oil as a treatment mask, apply it to the tips and massage it up to the roots and wash it out after a few hours. You can also apply a small amount as a smoothing treatment.

Lightweight Hair Oil Options for Less Frizzy Hair

Frizzy Hair? Try These Products, Tools, and Tips!
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Hydrating Mask

Try applying a deep conditioning mask on a weekly basis. These highly conditioning treatments are deeply penetrating and hydrating which result in softer and more moisturized locks.

Best Selling Hydrating Masks


Use the Right Towel

I know, this sounds a little extra, but the right kind of towel goes a long way in drying your hair without breakage and irritation. Avoid cotton towels, these cause unnecessary resistance and frizz, and try a microfiber one!

Microfiber Towels that Reduce Frizzy Hair


Frizzy Hair? Try These Products, Tools, and Tips!

Air Dry Before Styling

This one requires a little extra time, but try to air dry your hair to 75% before blow drying. Long periods of high heat lead to dryer hair and more breakage, so letting your hair naturally dry before gently heat styling will help your strands retain more moisture. When you blow dry or heat style, use the lowest heat possible and don’t let the heat stay in one place for too long. A safe temperature is 300 degrees.

Best Heat Tools for Frizzy Hair
Frizzy Hair? Try These Products, Tools, and Tips!

Toothbrush Trick that Helps Frizzy Hair

Flyaways can make your hair seem even frizzier, but there’s a simple solution to this. Spray a small amount of hairspray to a toothbrush and smooth the strands down. A mascara wand works for this as well! The small wands can help target a specific frizz zone, and it enables you to avoid too much hairspray.

Another PRO TIP: Avoid brushing your hair when it’s dry this can cause breakage which will lead to more flyaways and frizz.

Frizzy Hair? Try These Products, Tools, and Tips!


Leave In Options

There are so many leave-in options on the market, masks, oils, conditioners, you name it. But which ones are good for frizzy hair? Look at labels that boast their hydrating powers. Also, look into doing hot oil treatments at home!

Leave In Hair Products for Frizzy Hair
Frizzy Hair? Try These Products, Tools, and Tips!

Try a Silk Pillowcase to Tame Frizzy Hair

This lifestyle change will benefit your skin and hair. Silk pillowcases will reduce friction which decreases frizz, and it’s also known to help diminish wrinkles.

Favorite Silk Pillowcase Option


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